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How To Unblock A Drain With Tree Roots?

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Blocked drains with tree roots can seriously clog drainage and can be difficult to remove. There are many techniques that can be used to eliminate tree roots that have grown inside plumbing systems. The Optimised Plumbing Services team of plumbers know exactly how to unblock a drain with tree roots. From chemical reactions to professional plumbing techniques, tree root blockages should be dealt with immediately. Optimised Plumbing Services offers our Blocked Drain services where we will remove tree roots inside any drainage system. 

To deal with blocked drains with tree roots the main methods are:

  • Chemical Formulas – using specific chemical formulas tree roots inside drains can be poisoned.
  • Hydro Jetting – pressurised water pushes any compacted soil and roots down the drain.
  • Manually Removing Roots – at times manually removing the roots from the drains by cutting, digging and other forms of labour are needed. 

How are Tree Roots Removed From Drains?

It is highly recommended that a fully qualified and professional plumber is in charge of removing tree roots from drains. Other types of blocked drains can be dealt with by any person but tree root systems inside sewer lines and outdoor drainage are difficult to handle. CCTV or drain snakes are used firstly to inspect the piping to determine which technique is best suited for unblocking the drain.

The main ways which a plumber will remove roots inside a drain which they are blocking are:

Chemical Formulas

A plumber can utilise chemicals in order to clear plumbing problems and clogs regarding tree roots. Copper sulphate septic treatments are the more common formulas that will be used to kill roots. These are mainly used to slowly poison the tree roots and for them to stop clogging the drain. 

Hydro Jetting

High pressure water jetting is an effective technique in drain cleaning and clearing. Plumbers will use this tool to have high pressurised water push any tree roots or other blockages down the system. This is often used alongside chemicals where the hydro jet will clear the insides then the chemicals will be poured to poison the roots. 

Manually Removing Roots

When the tree root damage to pipes is extreme the only option is to manually remove the roots. Plumbers will have to dig to access the pipe and use augers and other tools to cut the roots. These roots will be removed and formulas and other techniques will be utilised to prevent the roots from entering the pipes again.

If dealing with a general blockage in outdoor settings then we encourage reading our blog ‘how to unclog an outdoor drain’ with further details. 

How Do Tree Roots Grow Inside Drainage?

Blocked drains with tree roots often occur in older piping systems as roots can easily break through. The roots are drawn to the water and nutrients inside the pipes and will break the pipes to access them. Older piping systems made of clay and are not sealed correctly have a higher chance of being blocked by roots. 

Roots can enter small cracks or unsealed sections to then grow and make more room for other roots. Larger cracks will lead to more roots and a higher chance of blockages and pipes breaking. 

Can I Prevent Tree Root Growth and Drain Blockages?

There are multiple ways that can prevent tree roots from entering, breaking and clogging pipes:

  • Chemicals – as they can remove roots from drains chemical formulas can be applied to prevent the issue. These will often be applied around the soil or as a coat along the pipe to prevent tree roots from blocking the drains. 
  • CCTV Drain Inspections – this service involves a plumber inserting special equipment inside drainage to look for blockages. If the plumber regularly performs this job then handling tree roots blockages early can occur. A plumber can apply preventative measures to ensure the roots do not enter the pipes. If the issue is found early then it will also be easier and less expensive to handle the blockage situation. 
  • Pipe Relining – when new pipes are installed or existing ones are not broken or damaged then pipe relining is recommended. This service has a plumber insert specific formulas to coat the inside of the pipes and overall strengthen them. Pipe relining can also help protect pipes from roots due to the added strength and formulas added. 
  • Move Pipes – installing the piping network away from large trees is an effective way to prevent clogs. If it is possible, moving existing pipes away from these locations will cost less then trying to repair tree root clogs in the future. 

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Tree Roots from Pipes?

As tree roots can cause severe damage and blockages to pipes the job can become expensive quickly. The more labour work involved, the location of the blockage to how difficult the job is will influence the price. Most times on average it will cost from $2,000 to $10,000 to have roots cleared from drainage units. When gas and other water lines are close by this can add to the difficulty of the job.

These are estimates and averages of tree root blockage removal services – Contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 for our affordable prices!

Professional Tree Root Blocked Drain Sydney Services

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we will effectively handle blocked drains with tree root issues. Our plumbers are experienced with working on all types of blockages, from kitchen sinks to sewage line clogs. Knowing how to unblock a drain with tree roots will be no issue. We are expert with tree root blockages, having completed the needed training to understand how to apply a variety of effective techniques. 

Our affordable blocked drain tree root services are offered to anyone in Sydney, from Sutherland Shire to North Shore. We also offer Emergency Plumber services for us to operate on any job at any time of the day. 

We are always here to remove tree roots from any plumbing system which are causing blockages and other concerns!

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