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How To Unclog An Outdoor Drain?

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An important plumbing skill to have is to know how to unclog an outdoor drain effectively and safely. A person can perform simple actions to reliably remove any clog, from dirt or mud, from an outdoor drain. If the clog is too deep or hard to remove then this is when a professional plumber will need to help. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer Sydney with trusted Blocked Drain services to unclog outdoor drain pipes. 

Steps In unclogging an outdoor drain

  • Assess where the clog, what type of drainage line is it and what is exactly blocking the system
  • Gather the needed tools to clear the drain blockages, such as drainage rods or a hose
  • Remove the clogs that are reachable by hand which could include leaves and sticks
  • Properly clear the blockage using the drainage rod and hose to push the blockage out of the drain
  • Clean up any debris and use a pressurised hose to further flush the outdoor drainage
  • If the blockage was not removed correctly then a licensed plumber should be contacted

Access the Clog

The first step is to find where the blockage might be located in the outdoor drainage system. Removing the drain opening or cover can help with inspecting what is causing the clogged outdoor drain. Try to identify if the clog is easy to reach or if it might be deep in the plumbing system. 

Knowing what is blocking the system is important to know which tools and techniques to apply. From if it is a tree root blockage, gunk or simply leaves, understanding what the clog is is extremely useful. Knowing all of these facts can help with the decision to contact a blocked drainage expert or if the clog can be removed personally. 

If the blockage is within the guttering system then we encourage reading our clog article to know exactly how to handle this specific blockage. This is because guttering systems will need different tools and techniques to have the debris properly removed from the system. 

Gather the Plumbing Tools

After finding out the place where the blockage is and what could be clogging the system, gathering the tools is the next step. The main types of tools which a person could use to clear an outdoor drainage pipe or system are:

  • Drainage rod – a drainage rod, or drain snake, is a thin, long and flexible tool used to push the blockage down the drain. The debris will be pushed to the external drainage systems and the tool is often cheap and effective. 
  • Garden hose – using a hose is an affordable way to clear drainage systems. They will be used to have the clog removed from the outdoor drain by high pressure water. 
  • Water jetting – if the garden hose is not effective then a hydro jet tool can be applied. This uses even higher pressurised water to push the clog and remove it from the drainage system. Often these tools are more expensive and at times only professional blocked drain plumbers utilise them. 

It is important to also wear protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, glasses, to keep the debris away. This is especially needed if working with sewer lines as the sewage contains bacteria and is unhygienic. 

Remove the Reachable Clogs

Leaves, sticks and other debris which is blocking the drain could be easy to reach. Using protective equipment and utilising a bucket, remove the reachable clog. This step is also important to help with clearing blockages which are further inside the drain. The more blockage material removed in this step will help with clearing out the larger and more difficult blockages later. 

Clear the Drain

The drainage rod is now used to clear the blockage which is located inside the outdoor drain. Using the tool will mean sliding it through any blockage or debris with small amounts of pressure needed. The rod should be moved around the pipe to properly clear the insides and remove as much as possible. 

It can take some time removing the clog, especially if there is a large buildup of blockage material. The tool should be turned clockwise and if the debris is rising then it should dissolve and flow through the pipe correctly. 

If a hose is used then on the high pressure mode push the debris using the water. Warm water should also be used to help weaken the blockage. This method is also good after using the drainage rod to make sure as much of the blockage is removed as possible. 

Clean up Debris

After working on clearing the blockage from the outdoor drain it is important to clean the drain. Drain cleaning should mean that the warm water is used to rinse the insides of the piping system. Cleaning is important to have water flow through the drain and remove any last small debris. It is also encouraged that drainage systems are cleared and cleaned regularly to help prevent a blockage issue from developing. 

For more information on other ways to clean drainage systems, we recommend reading our article with more useful tips. 

Contact Emergency Blocked Drain Plumber

If the drain is still blocked or it is preferred that a professional performs the task, Optimised Plumbing Services is here to unclog an outdoor drain. Our fully qualified plumbers have over 20 years clearing outdoor drainage systems of any blockage. We will utilise a combination of CCTV, augers and hydro jetting techniques to successfully clear any system. We inspect the insides, use professional augers to clear the drain and further push the clog by utilising hydro jets. 

Through our Emergency Plumber service, we are also available 24/7 to help clear an outdoor drain in all places. This includes performing blocked drain removal work across all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney and the Hills District

No matter the type of blockage we will successfully unclog an outdoor drain – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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