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Leaking Roof – What To Do?

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A leaking roof should be addressed early to ensure the water damage does not occur. There are temporary roof leak repairs people can perform when waiting for roofing professionals to resolve the leak. Large and small leaks from the roof can create water stains, mould growth and other problems if not resolved quickly. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our highly recommended Emergency Plumber team is here to resolve leak roof issues effectively.

When dealing with a leaking roof it is important to try and stop it temporarily. Ensure the items where the leak is happening are removed from the area. Use a bucket or similar item to contain the water that is leaking from the roof. A tarp can be used to block rainwater from entering the roof where the suspected whole is. It is important to contact a reliable roofing repair service for them to find the source of the leak then repair it correctly.


What are the Symptoms of a Leaking Roof?

The main symptoms to look out for that indicate a leaking roof issue is occurring are:

  • Water leaks from the ceiling and drips onto the floor creating a puddle or wet furniture and other items
  • Water leaks through the walls and patches or streaks form
  • The exterior walls of the home have mould, algae or moss suddenly growing
  • There are roof shingles missing from the roof or have appeared in the downspouts for gutters
  • The roof shingles on the roof are visibly damaged, such as cracks or parts missing

Why is a Leaking Roof an Issue?

The main issues that come with a leaking roof are the water damage it brings and the costs that follow. Mould is one big issue as when it makes the floor, ceiling and furniture wet it can grow. If the room is not ventilated properly then the chance of mould growth increases. Water leaks can also be a danger hazard in terms of it potentially leaking onto electrical devices. This means that electric shock and fire hazards can develop if the leak wets these devices enough. 

What to Do With a Leaking Roof?

When a leaking roof has been found there are certain steps to take when waiting for a professional to arrive. It is important to stop the leak early to prevent major water damage issues around the home. While the plumber is on their way there are steps to follow to ensure the leak can be controlled:

  1. Move items, such as furniture, away from where the leak is occurring. This is to prevent them from becoming wet and potentially being damaged or having mould form on them.
  2. Use a bucket or similar item to hold the water that leaks from the ceiling. If the leak is rapid or fast then multiple buckets will have to be used.
  3. Soak up the water that has landed on the floor, wall, ceiling or items around the room. This can be done using a trowel or mop and also make sure the space is well ventilated. These steps are used to help prevent mould from building up on these spaces.
  4. If the plumber may take some time to arrive at the home and repair the leak then preventing water from entering the roof can be done. A tarp can be laid over the roof where the leak is detected to have the water not go into the home but in the stormwater drainage system.
  5. If not done already, contacting an emergency plumber, or similar roof problem repairer, to resolve the leaking roof. They will know how to find the issue then ensure the roof will stop leaking water into the home. 

It is important to not trust the temporary fixes to prevent water leaks and damages in the future. It is essential to contact plumbing and roofing contractors to repair the leaking roof. Without professional repairs, the chance of major water damages, costly repairs and other issues will only increase. 

What Causes a Leaking Roof?

There are many different reasons why a leaking roof starts happening and water leaks into the home. The main causes of a leaking roof are:

  • Blocked gutters lead to water not being able to correctly flow out of the building which can lead to it leaking into the home.
  • The roof’s shingles are broken, cracked or missing which leaves an opening into the roof and home.
  • The roof venting, flashing or valley has been punctured, broken or damaged leading to water entering the home.
  • If skylights are installed they may be broken or have cracks causing water to leak in the room.
  • Old roofing material, an older roofing system or a poorly installed roof can cause water to leak through.

Trusted Leaking Roof Repairs

Optimised Plumbing Services are professionally trained to perform emergency plumbing work at any time, including repairing a leaking roof. Each fully qualified plumber will perform the roofing replacement and repair to stop the water leak in the home. We arrive as soon as possible and with years of experience work swiftly to ensure the leak does not cause water damage in the house. 

Our team will repair a leaking roof in all Sydney suburbs, including Inner West and the Northern Beaches. We are also expert Blocked Drain plumbers where our team will resolve any type of pipe or drainage clog fast. 

For the best emergency leaking roof repairs – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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