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Our Top 10 Plumbing Tips That Will Save You Money!

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Property owners can turn to these simple 10 Tips to prevent future plumbing issues. Given that there are numerous consequences associated with plumbing problems, it is best to always be proactive in order to help maintain the integrity of your home’s plumbing system. These preventive steps will help eliminate and reduce the chances of troubles impacting your plumbing appliances and systems.

At Optimised Plumbing Services, our goal is to help homeowners and businesses have safe and effective plumbing systems running all year. Based on our professional daily experiences, we are sharing our top recommendations so you can maintain your plumbing system and save money in the long run. 

Helpful Plumbing Tips

There are several things that homeowners and businesses can do to prevent plumbing troubles. While it is a given that property owners will experience such incidents at least once in their lifetime, these plumbing tips can help ease the side effects and severity of these issues. Here are some helpful plumbing tips to prolong the lifespan of plumbing fixtures and save money:

Know the location of the water valve – When there is a problem with the faucet or a leaking showerhead, it is best to know exactly where to turn off your water supply. Water valves in most Sydney suburb homes are usually located outside near the road and beside the water metre, however every house is different

Use a strainer in the sink and shower – An object stuck down the drain is the common reason behind a clogged drain. Due to its prevalence, it is best to use a strainer in sinks and showers. These strainers help prevent objects from sliding down the drain, especially those smaller in size.
Keep grease or oil away from your drainGrease is the usual suspect behind blocked kitchen sink drains. Grease and oil are prone to coating the drain pipes, which leads to difficulty in draining water.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners – Property owners usually turn to commercial unclogging products to relieve clogging in their drains. Its popularity comes from its claim of being effective in getting rid of blocked drains. However, it can damage the drain pipes and cause health hazards. Our blocked drain plumbers recommend using natural products over these chemical cleaners when DIY-ing clogged drains and to always consult a professional plumber if you are unable to unclog your drain.

Be mindful of what goes down the toilet – Aside from human waste, toilet paper is the only object allowed down the drain. This means no medical prescriptions, hygiene products, paper wipes or cotton balls. Flushing objects into the toilet has an increased chance of blocking the toilet.

Ensure the accessibility of the main sewer drain – The main sewer drain is where we remove objects causing the blockage in the sewer system. Given its vital role in the system, it must be clear of obstructions for our blocked drain specialists to do their job. This means no boxes, carpets or old furniture obstructing the main sewer drain.

Prevent freezing plumbingWinter brings several issues affecting the plumbing system in the colder parts of NSW. When the cool air starts blowing, it is best to keep the heating turned on to warm every part of the building. Our 24 hour plumbing repair experts recommend circulating air throughout the property at least 16 degrees Celsius minimum. For outdoor faucets, our team advises draining water from the tap and the garden hose to prevent freezing. However, this issue is not typically present in Sydney

Prolong tap’s lifespan – A leaking faucet is a common plumbing emergency in homes and commercial spaces. Due to homeowners and businesses’ aim to prevent them, they usually close the faucet as tight as it could go. However, this puts more pressure on the tap and causes it to be worn out. Our 24 hour plumbers recommend only closing the faucet until the natural stopping point.

Invest in separate shut off valves for all fixtures – Our emergency plumbing service professionals work with the whole water supply shut off. It is why we recommend having separate valves for each part of the property’s plumbing system. By having separate valves, only the damaged portion of the system will be isolated from the water supply.

What Should You Not Do in Plumbing?

Our emergency plumbers understand why property owners turn to DIY solutions. However, if not done correctly they can cause serious damage to  their plumbing system and appliances. The following are some tips you should not do when dealing with a plumbing issue:

  • Not turning off the water supply – When the first signs of issue appear, our emergency service plumbing professionals recommend shutting off the water source. Allowing water to continue running will further stress the already broken plumbing appliance or system.
  • Using a Tape Other Than the Plumber’s Tape – Our “fast plumbers near me” recommend only using plumber’s tape, popularly known as Teflon tape, when doing DIY fixes for common plumbing emergencies. They also advise using the right side of the tape to ensure that it will stay in place once tightening the fitting.
  • Using Drain Cleaners – As previously mentioned, there are commercial plumbing products that can harm pipes and other components of the plumbing network.

How to Save Money in Plumbing?

Three things will help achieve savings for homeowners and businesses on plumbing repairs and replacements. Firstly, always be wary of leaking in all parts of the plumbing system. This problem commonly affects showers and faucets, but it could also impact other components in the building. Secondly, prevent blocked drains. Clogging is a common issue in residential and commercial buildings. The good news is that there are ways to avoid clogged drains. Being cautious when using sinks and drains is the first step in reducing the chances of a blocked drain. Lastly, always check the toilet. Several problems usually impact this bathroom fixture. It is always important to check its state to ensure there is no leak or clogging.

What Every Plumber Should Know?

Safety should always be the priority when fixing common plumbing emergencies. Taking necessary precautions reduces the chances of accidents while carrying out plumbing work. In plumbing, safety consists of wearing the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and using the right tools for the job.

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