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Plumbing Renovation Ideas For New Properties

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For new property owners undergoing a plumbing renovation is encouraged to add value to the property. Renovating certain plumbing elements of the home also keeps the systems healthy and new systems working effectively. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will help perform tasks involved with plumbing renovations. From changing the tap fittings to installing a new dishwasher, our expert plumbers will perform high quality work.Some plumbing renovation ideas for new properties include:

  • Replacing the tap fittings with new ones
  • Renovating the kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Installing water filtration systems 
  • Replacing the hot water system if needed
  • Installing new dishwashers
  • Installing new laundry appliances
  • Relacing the old toilets
  • Installing new gas lines and fittings
  • Adding more bathrooms

What are Some Plumbing Renovation Ideas for New Properties?

Plumbing renovations are a way to ensure that the plumbing systems and appliances of the home are working properly. Ensuring that the plumbing meets Australian Standards, knowing that working plumbing is present and having the systems updated to work with modern plumbing needs are advantages. It is important that a licensed and insured plumber works on the renovation plumbing services for peace of mind that all systems are installed or replaced correctly. 

Tap Fittings

Updating the outdated tapware in the home should be considered. This is because older taps can look odd in modern aesthetics while might not be functioning as efficiently. The older the tap means the more problems that can happen leading to more plumbing repairs. Replacing the taps ensures working and better looking taps are present in the sinks of the house. For more information about the different taps and filters that can be installed in kitchens, our website has further details. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

The sinks of the kitchen and bathroom might need replacing due to their age or functionality. When undergoing kitchen and bathroom renovation, changing the sinks of the rooms should be considered. From replacing the old plumbing to adding in different vanities, the new sinks will have the room feel more modern and the system work better. Installing a food waste disposer, such as an InSinkErator, should also be thought about. 

Water Filtration Systems

There are many different types of water filters that can be installed in the home during a plumbing renovation. Some can be connected to the tap while some can filter the water of the entire house. A plumber should install the water filtration system to make sure that the whole unit functions correctly. Whether it be under the sink or connected to most taps, a water filtration system, if not already present, should be considered installed during a renovation.

Hot Water System

When the plumbing renovation occurs, looking at the current state of the hot water system is important. Replacing the hot water system should be considered if the current one is outdated, old or too expensive to repair. If wanting a more efficient hot water system or having a different sized hot water system then replacing the current one is recommended. If also wanting to switch the type of system, including gas, electric and solar, then during a plumbing renovation the replacement should occur. 


Newer dishwashers use less energy and water while being more powerful than older systems. Installing a new dishwasher is recommended if the old one uses too much power and water. Current dishwashers also work better and suit modern homes better than older units might. Any person can install a dishwasher but it is recommended that a plumber does so the job is more efficient. 

Laundry Renovation

A laundry renovation is ideal when the sinks, washing machines and dryers are outdated. An energy efficient washing machine will use much less power and water compared to older models. Installing the new washing machine is also simple when a licensed plumber performs the job. Including a drier, upgrading the ventilation system, including more shelves and storage are some other components involved in the renovation. 


Adding in new toilets as part of your plumbing renovation to update the design of the bathroom is a good option to take during the plumbing renovation. There are many different types of toilets that can be chosen from, including back-to-wall, close-coupled, wall-hung and wall-faced toilets. Moving the toilet into another space, updating the plumbing or adding in more toilets are other options for the renovation.

Gas Lines and Fittings

Installing new gas lines or gas fittings are plumbing renovation options so more rooms and appliances can access gas. Improving the layout of the system to adding in more gas lines, these can be performed by a fully licensed plumber. Ranging from connecting gas ovens, gas hot water systems to gas heaters, there are many upgrades and improvements that can be made with the current gas systems. 

Additional Bathrooms

From adding a whole new master bathroom to installing a new ensuite, there are many advantages to adding a second bathroom. This can include having a small bathroom with a toilet and vanity to installing a bathroom with showers and baths. Adding additional bathrooms helps with the functionality and value of the home and is a great addition to any place. 

Electrical Considerations

If you are renovating a new property, it is also likely that you will need to undertake electrical renovations just as much as plumbing. Some common electrical renovations include: changing light fittings, upgrading to LED down lights, installing new ovens, dropping power points, switchboard upgrades and many more repairs that a normal electrician can carry out. Based on our experience, a commonly overlooked renovation is when for whatever reason you need to turn off and turn off the main power supply for your property. Common repairs in this area are: private power pole repairs, 3 phase switchboard upgrades, point of attachment and consumer mains. It is important to note, that only a level 2 electrician (a specially trained electrician) can carry out these specific repairs.

Professional Emergency Plumbing Renovation Services

Optimised Plumbing Services and our experienced Sydney plumbers are here to help locals with any plumbing renovation. With over 20 years of experience, our 24 hour electricians will help with any plumbing task during a renovation process. Installing new toilets, replacing the hot water system to carrying out gas fitting installations, we place great attention to detail and skill in all our tasks.Our plumbing renovation services, along with our professional Blocked Drain work, is here for all locals, including Inner West, Northern Beaches and North Shore. For the best plumbing renovation assistance – always rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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