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PVC Pipe Repair – Everything You Need To Know

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A PVC pipe may need repairs when there are certain issues which arise. With PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, pipes they are sturdy and suitable for cold-water pipes, such as outdoor irrigation systems. Like all pipes, PVC pipes can experience issues, such as leakages, and are harder to fix due to their strength. Here at Optimised Plumbing, we will be able to provide permanent fixes with ease when it comes to PVC pipes. With over 20 years of experience, we will work on the PVC pipes and place the needed steps to resolve all issues.  

A PVC pipe repair can be completed through many temporary methods with there being four more common and effective ones. Using rubber or silicone repair tape can be an option or even applying a repair epoxy. Likewise, utilising a fibreglass wrap or a rubber and hose clamp may also help. Depending on the materials available and the type of issue will determine which method is best before plumbers take action.

What Exactly Are PVC Pipes?

PVC pipes are mainly used for vent and drain pipes because it is easy to install and cut. As well as being less expensive, these pipes can handle stress and are sturdy. Indoor water systems are where these are not used as they cannot handle hotter temperatures. However, outdoor irrigation systems are where these pipes work best as they can handle colder temperatures. 

Likewise, these pipes are also chosen when replacing old cast iron pipes for new drainage system pipes. PVC pipes are, as mentioned, easy to install, with being easy to cut, mould and be installed in any place. Working with these pipes is easy, however, fully licensed plumbers are still needed to carry out major repairs and installations 

Rubber or Silicone Repair Tape

Using a rubber or silicone repair tape can help with stopping leaks from escalating and best used for emergency situations. This type of tape is thick as well as is heavy-duty meaning that it is strong and reliable. Furthermore, it sticks onto itself instead of the area which needs fixing, therefore is great for temporary emergency repairs. Being quite stretchy as well, the tape will increase its compression the more it wraps around itself. 

To use the repair tape it should be wrapped around tightly where the leak on the PVC pipe occurs. Additionally, having the tape wrapped beyond where the repair is will help as well. The tape’s nature will allow it to be wrapped in a spiral movement and can be applied across some distance. Though, the tape will be difficult to apply to a PVC pipe in tighter spaces. 

Repair Epoxy

Epoxies which are designed to repair and bond to PVC pipes are amazing for stopping leaks from worsening. The epoxy usually comes in with liquid or putty form that will be applied to the pipe and repair it.

The area which the epoxy is going to go should be dry and be then applied depending on how the manufacture recommends. Most epoxies will dry within 25 minutes but can take up to an hour or more to become stronger. To mention, the liquid form of epoxies is recommended for tighter spaces due to the syringe being easier to handle. 

Fibreglass Wrap

Simply, a fibreglass wrap is a type of fibreglass cloth which is covered with water-activated resin. When using this method, firstly wetting the cloth is important before wrapping it around the pipe. With the PVC pipe which needs repairing, the cloth should be wrapped around it to then allow the resin to be applied. The resin should be left for 10 to 15 minutes to harden while following the manufacture’s tips will help with the process. Also, the wrap should extend at least 5 cm on both sides of the leaking pipe or area.

Rubber and Hose Clamps

Using a thick bit of rubber along with some hose clamps can be a simple method as well. Additionally, this method is suitable more for when there is a leak which is isolated in one part and not across the length of a pipe. Also, using the rubber is better for smoother pipes, not recommend where pipes meet the fittings or corners and edges. 

Using the hose clamps, they should be open all the way so that they can fit around the pipe. The rubber should then be wrapped around the leaking section and then tightened with the hose clamps. The rubber should be held at the ends to ensure that the leak is compressed. 

If experiencing a burst pipe which is much worse then a leaking pipe, read our blog on ‘5 steps to take when a pipe bursts’. Also, is curious to know the prices and types of PVC pipes, Bunnings has a great range. 

Professional Help with PVC Pipes

Optimised Plumbing Services will help all Sydney residents when it comes with PVC pipe concerns. We work at any time with our Emergency Plumber service allowing us to work on all PVC pipes at any time. After a person has placed the temporary repairs, we will arrive and work efficiently to finish the repair. Our specialists are able to work in all residential and commercial buildings, as well as on all PVC plumbing systems.

Also, with PVC pipes and all other pipes, our Blocked Drain plumbers are here to help with blockage issues. With over 20 years of experience working with plumbing, we understand how to work on all pipes and drainage. Likewise, with being fully qualified, we are open to help with all PVC pipe issues across all of Sydney. This includes Greater Western Sydney, the North Shore and South Sydney, helping at any time of the day.

For all PVC pipe repair – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or at Our team will arrive on time and assist with all repairs regarding PVC pipes. Each licensed plumber will make sure to work effectively and focused at all times, utilising advanced tools and techniques. No job will be too difficult for us and prevent our expert plumbers from repairing any pipe.

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