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Sydney Plumbing Services: Coronavirus

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Covid Safe Plumbers

As a local Sydney service based company and an essential service, we are taking COVID-19 very seriously. To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Optimised Plumbing Services have introduced a number of safety policies and procedures to ensure that all of our clients can have safe access to plumbing services within Sydney. Our team are going above and beyond in terms of cleanliness and safety as per the guidelines of the NSW Government and the Department of Health. Some of the extra precautions that we are implementing include:

  • Screening All Employees For Symptoms: We guarantee that the only plumbers that will be working within your house are 100% healthy and symptom free. If any of our employees are showing symptoms, they will be sent home.
  • Wiping Down All Surfaces: We will always wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant before we start work and after we finish work.
  • Face-masks: Our plumbers are all equipped with facemasks and will wear these within your house at all times.
  • Gloves & Sanitiser: We will also always wear new gloves on each job and we will provide our own hand sanitiser.
  • Social Distancing: Our team are instructed to maintain a 2 metre distance at all times. This includes upon arrival and taking payment. We will also refrain from touching your card.

These precautions are to keep both all of our clients and our staff safe as we always committed to delivering high quality and safe services. Here are also some helpful tips and tricks by Beyond Blue Australia.

Plumbing Safety Inspections

Our entire team are monitoring this situation very carefully as we do realise that it is an extremely fluid issue. However, plumbing is an essential service that needs to be properly maintained in order to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. This is particularly important for all drainage systems which if not correctly looked after, can cause serious problems. As a result of this, we are offering plumbing inspections to ensure that all your plumbing facilities are prepared for everything and anything. We are also still providing all of plumbing services to every Sydney local area.

Coronavirus Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services would like to thank you all for your cooperation and patience. We understand that this is a stressful time and that is why we are also offering special payment plans for those most affected by the coronavirus. If you have any questions about our discounts or if you simply want to have a chat. Then please don’t hesitate from reaching out to us. Our emergency plumbers are always available 24/7 to help fix blocked drains and other plumbing issues that you may have. You can contact us by either calling 02 8074 1475 or emailing us at We would also like to apologise in advance, for there being no handshakes for the time being!

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