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The Top 8 Household Plumbing Myths

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There are many household plumbing myths that people believe and they can be bad for the plumbing of the home. Knowing what the common household plumbing myths are and why they should not be believed will ensure that the plumbing of the home remains healthy. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will perform any plumbing job at all times of the day and answer and plumbing questions Sydney locals have.

The common household plumbing myths are:

  • Leaking faucets are not that big of a problem
  • “Flushable” labelled items will not clog the toilet
  • There are no clogs because water flows down the drain
  • Loud sounds from the water heater means it will explode
  • A liquid drain cleaner is the best way to clear a drain
  • Hot water melts grease and fat in the sink
  • Water pressure is meant to fluctuate
  • Plumbing inspections are only meant for commercial and industrial buildings

What are Common Household Plumbing Myths?

Below are the most common household plumbing myths:

Leaking Faucets are Not That Big of a Problem

When faucets or taps leak it is important to stop the leak then leaving it untouched. When a tap leaks it can waste a large amount of water which adds up to the water bill. Leaking faucets can also damage the drains and plumbing with the constant dripping and pressure on the system. If a leaking tap is not from the handle being correctly closed then having a plumber detect the leak is needed.

“Flushable” Labelled Items Will Not Clog the Toilet

Items that are labelled as “flushable”, especially wipes, should still not be flushed down the toilet. This is because they will still not flow correctly down the toilet drain and can easily create a Blocked Drain. To prevent a blocked toilet issue only flush toilet paper and not wipes or other “flushable” labelled products. 

There are No Clogs Because Water Flows Down the Drain

If the sink drains correctly and the toilet flushes properly then it does not mean that there are no clogs present. Items might be going down the drain well but a hidden blockage might be deeper in the system. Having a plumber annually perform CCTV drain inspections will help determine if there is a hidden blog that needs to be resolved. 

Loud Sounds from the Water Heater Means it WIll Explode

The hot water heater has a chance to explode but a majority of the time the system will be safe from this. When the pressure and temperature valves work as they should the system will not explode, which is why regular maintenance will ensure that these parts are functioning correctly. If the hot water system starts to make louder sounds than most times the system will not explode. The louder noises are often from sediment from hard water that has built up within the water tank. When the system starts to make loud noises then organising a plumber to inspect and resolve the problem is recommended. 

A Liquid Drain Cleaner is the Best Way to Clear a Drain

Using chemical drain cleaning products from the hardware store is a method to combat a blocked drain. Most times though these cleaners will damage the pipes as the chemicals used are harsh and erosive. Sometimes the chemical cleaner will not clear the clog but stay in place then eat at the pipes. Using natural methods or contacting a plumber to unblock the drain is often easier, safer and more effective than relying on chemical cleaners.  

Hot Water Melts Grease and Fat In the Sink

Hot water will melt the grease and fat that is within the sink’s pipes but it will not completely flush them away. The hot water will melt them then once the hot water is gone the grease and fat will freeze back and still clog the system. Grease and fat will also build up with other items, such as food, and can cause large blockages that only hot water cannot fix. When grease and fat are within the drains the best action is to contact a professional plumber to help. 

Water Pressure is Meant to Fluctuate

The water pressure of the home should be stable at most times so if the water comes out stronger or weaker then the pipes could have a problem. High and low water pressure can be from bent pipes, shutoff valves being tampered with, scale and sediment build up to worn out plumbing fixtures. Water pressure concerns should always result in an expert plumber being contacted to address the problem. 

Plumbing Inspections are Only Meant for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Plumbing inspections involve a licensed plumber looking over all the plumbing appliances, systems and lines of a building. They are important for commercial and industrial places but thinking that residential buildings do not need a plumbing inspection is wrong. Homes and places where people live should have a plumbing inspector look at their plumbing once a year. This is to prevent hidden and unnoticed problems from escalating into serious repairs and also for peace of mind knowing the plumbing works perfectly. 

Expert Emergency Plumbers Working at Any Time

Optimised Plumbing Services is always here to help Sydney locals with any plumbing problem at all hours of the day. Our fully qualified plumbers will perform all types of plumbing services, while can answer plumbing questions including those related to household plumbing myths. From the North Shore to Sutherland Shire, our plumbers are here to repair, install and work on any plumbing system – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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