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Toilet Flange Install – Step By Step

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Undergoing a toilet flange installation is simple when knowing exactly what to do. This type of toilet installation involves installing a new toilet flange when the current one needs replacing. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we have over 20 years with toilet flange installation experience. Our plumbers know the best ways to install a new toilet flange after replacing the old one. 

A toilet flange installation comes in five parts:

  • Removing the current toilet
  • Inspecting and cleaning the existing toilet flange
  • Purchasing the correct toilet flange to replace the old one
  • Installing both the new toilet flange and wax ring
  • Secure the toilet back into place

Removing the Current Toilet

Installing the new flange should begin by removing the toilet. 

  1. Place the toilet on the floor next to the toilet on some towels to prevent scratching and keep the toilet close
  2. Turn off the main water supply to the toilet which should be near the toilet on the wall or floor
  3. Flush the toilet to remove the remaining water, make sure all of the water has been removed
  4. Disconnect the water supply hose which is near the toilet tank and shut off valve. 
  5. Remove the toilet through unscrewing the nuts on the bottom of the toilet which connects the toilet to the floor  
  6. Lift and hold the toilet to then carefully place it on the closeby towel 
  7. Cover the drain pipe of the toilet with some cloth or towel to prevent sewage smells from arising. Make sure to not shove the cloth too far down to cause a blocked drain issue

Inspecting and Cleaning the Existing Toilet Flange

After the toilet has been removed and the toilet flange is accessible, removing it is the nest step.

  1. Using a putty knife scrape off the old wax ring which is on top of the toilet flange. The old one should be discoloured and deformed and should be easy to scrape away 
  2. Remove the flange bolts and screws by using a screwdriver. These are screwed onto the floor with there usually being around four of them
  3. Take out the current toilet flange if it is made of PVC while being sealed by a gasket. It is easy to lift out when all of the screws have been removed. Wash it to see if there are any cracks or visible damages. If there are issues then replacing it is important, but if there are none then reusing it is possible. However, if it is decided to reuse the current one because then installing a new wax ring is still needed.  
  4. If the toilet flange is glued in or is made of cast iron then a plumber is needed. Calling a plumber is recommended as removing these flanges is costly and if done incorrectly can lead to further costs.

Our Emergency Plumber team is available 24/7 to work on toilet flanges in any location. We can help remove all types of flanges and replace them with new ones. If needing a plumber to remove the flange or would prefer a professional take over the task we are the ones to rely on. 

Purchasing the Correct Toilet Flange to Replace the Old One

To replace the toilet flange, it is important that it is replaced by once as close to the original as possible. 

  1. Measure the diameter of the interior of the exposed outflow pipe, usually is 10cm 
  2. Visit the hardware store and bring the old flange. Try to purchase the most identical flange to the old one, ask for assistance if needed
  3. Buy a new wax ring that also is the same size as the new flange. Some wax rings might come with the flange or it has to be bought separately. There are also rubber gasket rings which are newly designed but they will be installed differently to a wax ring

Installing Both the New Toilet Flange and Wax Ring

Installing the new flange and wax ring should be done safely, smoothly and by not rushing. 

  1. Place in the bolts into the new flang and set aside the other nuts and washers. Have the bolts facing up while being directly across from each other
  2. Place the new flange into the outflow pipe so it is flush on the floor
  3. Tighten the nuts and bolts into the flange to secure the flange. Use a screwdriver or drill to perform this step ensuring that it is performed carefully
  4. Have the towel or cloth inserted into the outflow pipe removed from the pipe
  5. To install the new wax ring lift up the toilet and put it into place. The pipe stub is where the rounded side of the wax ring should be pressed

Secure the Toilet Back into Place

The final step is to place the toilet back into its original place.

  1. Place the toilet straight down in to of the newly installed flange aligning with the bolts from the flange
  2. Secure the toilet through placing the nuts and washers onto the bolts. A plastic then a metal washer should go onto each bolt, tightening them with a wrench
  3. Reconnect the water supply hose by tightening the coupling onto the metal supply hose
  4. Turn on the water supply which goes to the toilet by turning the oval-shaped valve
  5. Flushing the toilet will determine if the toilet has been installed properly. If there is water leaking after a few flushes then the toilet has been incorrectly installed. Either reinstalling the toilet or calling for an emergency plumber is needed

Reliable Toilet Flange Installation Service

When needing a toilet flange installation and wanting a professional to perform it Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help. With over 20 years of experience, our toilet flange installation is quick, affordable and professional. We can work across all of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, Greater Western Sydney and Hills District

We also offer expert Blocked Drain services which our fully qualified plumbers are the best at performing. For wanting to know how to perform other plumbing jobs, read our blog on ‘how to change a tap washer’.

Contact us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at for reliable toilet flange installation services.

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