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Top Plumbing Warnings You Should Never Ignore

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There are various plumbing warnings to look out for and not ignore. Plumbing problems can lead to numerous issues, including health risks, costly repairs and damage to the home. When these warning sounds are found it is crucial to have a plumber repair them as soon as possible to prevent major concerns from developing. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team is here to help whenever there are issues with plumbing systems.


The top plumbing warnings to never ignore and to call a plumber to assess are:

  • Leaky toilet and pipes
  • Sudden water bill rises
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Slow drainage
  • Blockages
  • Sudden mould growth



What are the Top Plumbing Warnings to Look Out For?

The main plumbing warnings to look out for and to contact a plumber to respond to are:


Leaky toilet and pipes

Toilets and pipes that leak should not be ignored as these are signs of damage and more problems can develop. Signs that the toilet is leaking are that a constant sound of running water is happening, there is water under the tank or there is water around the bowl. For general leaks around the home check for damp areas, puddles or visible leaks. Leaking toilets and pipes should not be ignored as this means the pipe is broken, there are loose connections, a blockage is inside or other types of issues. 


Sudden water bill rises

If the water bill rises without knowing that you have been using water more frequently then this means there is a hidden problem with the plumbing system. The water bill may have gone up due to a burst pipe, water leak, an appliance not working correctly or other issues. Leaving this warning sign could mean the problem could grow which means more damage and adds to the repair costs. A plumbing inspection will be the best way to know why the water bill has risen without you knowing why.


Reduced water pressure

When the water pressure is lower than usual, either in the sink, shower or other plumbing systems, then this plumbing warning sign should be noted. The water pressure may have gone down due to a defect with the hot water system, there is a blockage in the pipes, there might be a leak inside the system or another plumbing concern. Plumbers will be able to find why the water pressure is lower than it should then repair it properly.


Slow drainage

Noticing that the water takes longer to drain out into the pipes means that there is an issue present. The slow drain problem might be with one plumbing system or it might happen to multiple or all parts of the home. Most times the cause for the slow drain is due to a clog within the pipes. The blockage prevents the water from flowing smoothly into the pipes making it slow and sometimes stagnant. Plumbers will know the best way to find out what is causing the slow drainage problem and then apply the best technique to resolve it. 


Drain Blockages

A Blocked Drain may seem harmless at first but the blockage can cause numerous plumbing issues which are more costly the more difficult and larger the blockage is. Clogs can occur in all plumbing systems, commonly the kitchen sink, laundry drains, bathroom drain and sink, shower drain, gutters and outdoor drains. The clog could be food scraps, oils and fats, soap, hair, leaves and items that should not belong in the drain. The main signs of a blocked drain are slow draining, water not going down and water overflowing.


There are numerous ways as well to clear the drain, hydro jetting and an auger are the most effective techniques while baking soda and vinegar are good at-home methods to try. The reason why clearing the blockage as soon as possible is important is to prevent the blockage from growing and also causing other problems. This may include a total blockage preventing the use of the plumbing, overflowing drains or the pipes breaking completely. Contact a plumber as soon as possible to clear the blockage as soon as the plumbing warnings are there. 


Sudden mould growth

Mould growing suddenly around the home on the walls, ceiling or furniture can be a form of a plumbing warning sign. Water leaking onto these or behind them is the main cause of mould growth. It is crucial to contact a plumber to inspect why the mould is growing and to repair this concern. Mould can ruin what they are on as well as be harmful to the health of people living in the home.


Other Common Plumbing Warnings

Other types of plumbing warnings to look out for are:

  • Pipes making clunking or knocking noises
  • The water heater has problems, such as the pilot light is out, the temperature is wrong or the unit is rusted or leaking
  • Foul smells and odours are coming from the drains
  • Water is brown or discoloured
  • There are patches of greener grass or muddy grass on the lawn or garden
  • The roofs and ceilings are discoloured


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