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Wastewater Blockages – Everything You Need To Know!

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Wastewater blockages are clogs inside of the wastewater system and should be dealt with as soon as possible. From tree roots blocking the water pipes to items being flushed into the sewer lines, wastewater blockages can occur from numerous issues. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain licensed plumbers are here to resolve wastewater blockages in any place. 

Wastewater blockages are commonly caused by tree roots, items entering and blocking pipes and heavy rainfall. The sewer blockage will be dealt with either by property owners or Sydney Water, depending on if the blockage is inside or outside of private property boundaries. A licensed plumber will most times use an auger or hydro jetting techniques to clear wastewater blockages.

What Causes Wastewater Blockages?

The main causes for wastewater systems becoming blocked are:

Items Entering the System

When incorrect items are flushed down the toilet and into the wastewater system they can easily cause blockages. Items that should be avoided from entering wastewater drains are paper towels, hygiene products and wipes. Even if they flow through the system without causing problems initially, continuously flushing these items will cause damage to the pipes. Avoiding flushing these items in the wastewater system is important as they can quickly build up, become stuck and cause clogs. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another major reason why wastewater and other underground drainage systems become blocked. The roots grow to look for water and will break through pipes to access the water flowing through them. Even with slight openings tree roots will enter the pipes and can cause serious damage and blockages. 

For more information on how to deal with tree roots inside drains, we strongly recommend reading our blog for more details. 

Heavy Rainfall

When it rains heavily the chance of wastewater blockages and other issues can easily occur. The heavy rainfall can be too much for the wastewater system to handle which will cause water to backflow and the network to be overloaded. With the rainfall, debris might enter the pipes and can also lead to clogging up the system. 

Insufficient Drainage

Most piping systems in modern times are made from plastic but older pipes may have been made of cast iron or other materials. This means that the older systems made with not as good materials for pipes can be damaged more easily. Corrosion and pipe breaking can occur more frequently in older pipes and may cause blockages to occur. If the drainage system is not built or installed properly this can also cause plumbing problems including clog issues. 

Damaged Pipes

Pipes that are broken or have burst can lead to the system not working correctly. When the systems are not working as they should a wide range of problems can develop including sewer lines being blocked from flowing contents correctly. 

Sagging Sewer Lines

Sagging sewer pipes, from sinking soil to uneven ground conditions, can cause the pipes to sag. The chance of toilet paper and other items becoming stuck in one place from the pipes sagging increases. Blockages in the wastewater system may occur from the sag and it can occur at different points in the drainage. 

If you want to know what the differences are between sewer and stormwater drains then we recommend reading our blog that contains more information. 

How are Waste Water Blockages Dealt With?

There are two main ways a plumber will handle wastewater blockages to ensure the system can flow properly:


An auger, or plumber’s snake, is a tool often used to deal with tough or deep blockages inside piping systems. The tool works by the plumber feeding it into the drain then it cuts through any clog in the pipes. For wastewater blockages, the auger can effectively clear blockages, often paper towels, wipes and hygiene products. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting techniques involve a hose that shoots high pressurised water in the pipes to break and push clogs down the drains. The high pressurised water will effectively remove any clogs that are stuck inside the wastewater systems. This tool will help clean and clear the system of clogs and be used with wastewater blockages. 

Who is Responsible for Blocked Sewer Pipes?

When it comes to dealing with wastewater blockages either the property owner or Sydney Water will handle the issue. Sydney Water will handle blockages when:

  • The blockage is causing an overflow of water and waste that extends beyond private property’s boundaries 
  • Neighbours and multiple dwellings or people are being faced with the problems of the wastewater blockage
  • Flooding has occurred in the local area and affects multiple people

Property owners will need to deal with wastewater blockages and call a licensed plumber when:

  • The blockage only occurs inside one property and not in neighbouring properties
  • When drainage is in private property and not shared by other people or places
  • Flooding in the local area is not occurring and only in the single property

Reliable Wastewater Blockages Plumbing Services

Optimised Plumbing Services offers Sydney with the most trusted wastewater blockages services. Our blocked drain plumbers are experts at dealing with clogs inside of any wastewater system. We make sure to properly diagnose the issue with CCTV inspections then apply the best techniques to remove the wastewater clog. No matter the type of blockage in the wastewater system our experienced plumbers will operate safely and swiftly. 

We offer our wastewater blockage services to all of Sydney, including South Sydney, Northern Beaches and Greater Western Sydney. Our Emergency Plumber team is here at all times to resolve any plumbing issue, such as sewer backups from blockages. 

For trusted and professional wastewater blockages services – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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