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What Are Plumbing Easements?

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Plumbing easements are areas of private property that also include local council and water companies’ water networks. Property owners are allowed to use this land but when work needs to be done on these systems workers of the company or council are allowed to operate. Sewage, wastewater and water lines are the most common systems that are within the plumbing easement. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer Emergency Plumber workers to provide 24 hour plumbing services for locals of Sydney. 

Plumbing easements are parts of private property that are built or located on local council or water utility underground pipes. When the utility company or council needs to work on these pipes then they are allowed to enter the private property. When planning to build on existing easements or when wanting to know if the current property has any easements it is important to contact Sydney Water, the local council or other water utility companies.

What is a Plumbing Easement?

A plumbing easement is where plumbing utility companies and local councils can work on and control land located on private property. It is mainly for underground pipe lines, including water, wastewater and sewage, that belong to them and when work needs to be done to them. This area of land on the property needs to be clear and safe for their workers to safely operate on them.  Most times the easement will be located close to the road reserves or the front boundary of the property. When public land cannot be enough to provide utility services to properties then easements are created. The right of access to repair, inspect, install and perform maintenance on private property through the easement ensures the property can have working underground pipelines. This is because the company workers can easily enter the property and carry out any form of plumbing work at any time, with suitable notice as well.

Why are Plumbing Easements Needed?

The importance of plumbing easements is that workers of the plumbing utility company or local council can safely access and work on the underground piping systems. When repairs or maintenance needs to occur the workers can operate on the area reliably and perform work effectively. If there are urgent issues that need to be addressed then the workers can also reliably enter the property to resolve them as soon as possible. 

How Do I Know if There are Plumbing Easements on My Property?

The easiest way to find out if there are easements on the property is to contact the local council or plumbing utility company directly. Knowing if easements are present are often needed for people who are renovating, building a new home, moving into a new home or simply want to know. It is always needed to ask if work can be done in the area where easements are located to gain permission. 

What are My Responsibilities With Plumbing Easements?

If there is a plumbing easement on your priority there are responsibilities to ensure that plumbing work is not restricted or prevented. Using the area is allowed but certain actions cannot be done as they will restrict what work can be completed on the underground pipes and networks. The area will need to be clear of any obstruction that might impact how easy it is to access the easement. If there are any manholes present then they will need to be kept free of garden fillers, which include sand, soil and gravel.  When it comes to landscaping there needs to be planning organised and approved before it can move forward. This includes the position of pools and garden sheds where they need to be not near the easement in case it prevents access to it. Vegetation is often allowed if it still allows access to the easement area. Trees that have large roots are not allowed though as the roots can easily enter the pipes and break them. These roots can easily cause tree root blockages, burst pipes or damage to parts of the system which are never wanted.  Whenever construction will occur on the property a request will need to be provided to ensure it will be allowed by the easement owner. If the construction will prevent easy access to the easement area then there will be issues involved. Always notifying the plumbing utility company before undergoing the construction is advised.

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