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What Are The Consequences of Plumbing Problems?

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The consequences of plumbing problems can be very serious, expensive and may require the service of an Emergency Plumber. Simple problems, from blocked drains to fixture issues, can lead to severe damages or complications with the plumbing. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer 24 hour plumbing assistance to help prevent plumbing problems causing major issues.  

The main consequences of plumbing problems often needing an emergency plumber to resolve the issue are:

  • Blocked Drains – these can be caused by items being pushed down drains which can lead to backflow, stress on the plumbing and health risks.
  • Fixture Problems – if there is an issue with plumbing fixtures then the water pressure can be affected and leaks are more common.
  • Poor Drainage Conditions – if plumbing and drainage lines are damaged then health risks, contaminated water, bad odours and mould forming can occur.

Why are Blocked Drains Bad?

Blocked Drain issues are often overlooked however there are serious compilations which can develop from blocked drains.

  • Health Risks – blocked drains can easily increase the chance of bacteria growing inside the plumbing system. This means that the bacteria can enter the water and air inside the home and can cause health issues. Food, grease and oil can also cause mould and other harmful bacteria to grow inside the plumbing.
  • Terrible Odours – as there are items stuck inside the drain and waste builds up it can cause a terrible smell. The pipes can also dry out as there is no moisture entering the pipes which will cause worse odours. Bad smells can cause people headaches and other issues which are caused by a blockage inside drains.
  • Slow Drainage – the plumbing can become inefficient as the blockage prevents water and other items easily flowing inside pipes. From the sink to the shower, slow drainage can prevent daily activities and also lead to other hazards. Slow drainage can also lead to the plumbing system being under more stress which could cause the system to experience problems needing expensive repairs. 
  • Backflow – if the blockage is large and stuck inside the drain for too long, water, waste and sewage can begin to backflow into the house. This is a serious issue as it can cause flooding, terrible smells, health risks and damage to the home. 

To know how to unclog an outdoor drain or tips on clearing a drain blockage our blogs are here for more detailed insights.


What Can Happen if My Fixtures are Broken?

When plumbing fixtures are not working correctly then there can be hidden and viable damages to the plumbing.

  • Leaks – leaking taps, faucets and other plumbing fixtures which are broken can lead to them leaking water. Water leaks should not be overlooked as it can cause serious damages to the plumbing system. There will be additional pressure on the plumbing which can lead to it receiving damages. Leaks will also increase the water bill which can be unnoticed. A leak detection service will help with resolving this issue as a plumber will find the leak, even inside the plumbing, to stop the problem.
  • Low Water Pressure – from the regulator to poor installations, low water pressure can be a common issue. A local plumber will help resolve the common plumbing issue and find exactly what is causing the problem. The issue can be from bent water supply lines, scale and sediment buildup, shutoff valve partially closed to a worn out fixture. 

Why is it Bad to Have Drainage, Plumbing and Sewer Lines Damaged?

There are many serious issues which can arise if the plumbing problems with drainage systems are not addressed as soon as possible.

  • Contaminated Water – if the plumbing lines are broken and if items enter the system when they should not be then the water can become contaminated. Such as sewage lines leaking into the water pipes or cracks in plumbing causing dirt to enter can lead to contamination. If this water is drunk, used in washing or cooking then a person can potentially experience a health issue.
  • Mould and Pests – damages or issues with plumbing can cause mould and pests to enter the system. If the pipe is extremely moist then they can build up and cause severe health risks. Mould can also grow and damage other pipes and also pose a threat to the structure of the building. 
  • Tree Root Damage – tree roots can sometimes break into underground piping which is a serious issue. This can lead to massive water leaks, burst pipe problems and unwanted items or substances entering the plumbing system. It is important that if it is suspected that tree roots have entered the plumbing lines then a plumbing emergency service is contacted as soon as possible. 

How Can I Avoid Plumbing Problems?

The best ways a person can prevent plumbing problems, and not experience the consequences of plumbing problems, are:

  • Clean the drains and pipes around the house once a month to help decrease the chance of a blockage being stuck inside the system. For tips on how to clean a drain, we recommend reading our blog with five simple methods. 
  • Ensure that food, grease, oil and other items are not flushed or pushed down into drains.
  • If a leak is suspected then call an emergency plumber to inspect the citation. Acting early can help decrease the stress the leak causes to the plumbing system and can help avoid an increase in the water bill. 
  • Undergo regular plumbing inspections where a licensed plumber will look over each plumbing system. Tests and proper inspections will help identify issues early and allow for actions to be made before problems arise.  

Reliable 24 Hour Plumber Resolving Plumbing Problems

If any person in Sydney is experiencing the consequences of plumbing problems and needs an emergency plumber then Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help. We will operate throughout all of Sydney, from the Inner West, Northern Beaches to Sutherland Shire, and professionally resolve plumbing issues. Our team arrives fast, operates professionally and makes sure that each plumbing problem is fixed properly.

No matter the time or day when needing help with plumbing problems – contact Optimised Plumbing Services now on 02 8074 1475!

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