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What Are The Types of Water Supplies?

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A water supply system gathers water from a source to then filter and transfer it to homes and buildings. Water can be gathered from many different sources and locations to then deliver it to the population. With there being many water supply systems, Optimised Plumbing Services is here to work on any plumbing in a property. We will work on drainage systems where water is brought into the building, our team of certified plumbers will assist in repairing, installing or inspecting your water supply. 

Water supply systems begin by water being sourced from places such as dams and catchments. The water will be transferred to a water treatment where it will be filtered and then distributed. This water is used for general purposes and safe drinking water. It will be transported to homes and businesses by reservoirs, pumping stations and water mains. The water infrastructure is positioned throughout a city or town to be easily accessible by individuals.

How is Water Gathered?

Water is gathered from natural water sources where each urban or rural area will utilise one or many sources. The main source for gathering water around the world is rivers, or catchments, while dams, the ocean and other sources are used.


A catchment is an area where hills or mountains surround a water source due to rain flowing into the area. This rain can either stay above the surface or go below into the ground. If the land where catchments are located are untouched then the water is more healthy. Places which use catchments make sure that the quality of the water is good and to manage the site. 


Dams are structures which are built in rivers to store water which has been caught. This type of water supply source is more reliable and permanent than a catchment. The water stays behind the wall in a dam where this is called the storage reservoir. The dam levels will depend on how much rain there is and how much water people use. 


In places where rivers are not accessible or it does not rain often, the ocean is a source of water. The water will go through a desalination process to remove the salt from the water and ensure that it is safe to drink. 

Other Sources

Groundwater can be sourced through aquifers when water cannot be easily found. Rainwater tanks are used by rural areas to collect rain and use it for use. In urban areas rainwater tanks are often not used for drinking as the rain in urban areas is not as clean. 

Recycled water is another method to gather water where stormwater and wastewater is gathered, filtered and cleaned for use again. Recycled water is mostly used for toilet water, fires, washing cars, manufacturing and more. 

Where is Water Transferred After Being Gathered?

After the water has been sourced it is transferred to filtration plants or desalination plants to be treated. It will then enter reservoirs to be stored, pumping stations to be transported and then finally into homes and buildings. 


Water is filtered differently in all parts of the world but it mainly consists of the following. The water which was gathered by a water source is filtered at a specific filtration plant. Fine mesh screens will remove any sticks, debris and leaves which are within the water. The pH levels are adjusted to help with the filtration process. 

A solution is used to help remove the smallest particles, making them larger and easier to remove. Filters made of sand and coal will further filter the water and the pH levels are balanced. Small amounts of chloride and fluoride are added to help with further filtration. 


When the ocean is used as the water supply desalination is utilised to remove salt and debris from the water. Reverse osmosis membranes will assist in the process to extract the freshwater and remove saltwater. The particles which are not wanted in the water are blocked where only the fresh and clean water can flow through. 

How is Water Supplied to Homes and Buildings?

After the filtration or desalination process is complete, the water will enter local councils and areas through reservoirs and pumping stations. Local water mains in streets and properties is where the water will be further transported. Through the local water main the home or building’s plumbing will connect to the main. 

This water management allows the high quality drink water to be accessible by people. The quality water which is used for drinking and other purposes, such as in showers, will enter different plumbing than recycled water, such as for toilets. 

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