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What Is A Subsoil Drain?

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A subsoil drain, or subsoil drainage, is a type of drainage system which is needed for controlling water damage. These are unnoticed within a home, being beneficial for ensuring the safety of the home, garden and other landscapes. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we have been installing, repairing and replacing subsoil drains for over a decade throughout Sydney. As a result, we understand all there is with subsoil drainage and provide you with useful information about it. A subsoil drain is a drainage system which is installed to expel excess water from the surrounding soil in buildings. The perforated or slotted pipes are placed underground and are usually covered by geotextile material to stop soil entering it. Highly effective, they can also be installed behind kerbs to stop water seeping into the road and other pathways.

Benefits of Subsoil Drainage Systems

Having these types of water controlling drainage systems installed in your home is a common practice with exceptional benefits. There are many benefits and positives which come with subsoil drains:

  • Excess water entering the landscape/ building is decreased extremely
  • The amount of salinity, the amount of salt, present in the soil is lessened
  • The soil is overall strengthened allowing it to be healthier
  • Aeration of the soil is increased, meaning healthier plants and grass overall
  • Mixed with fertiliser, the soil drained of excessive water will produce higher quality fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants
  • In regards to farmers and other agricultural purposes, these systems enhance the pasture rates and increase the dates for harvesting
  • Structural damage to the home is drastically decreased, specifically walls and landscaping, as water does not enter their range
  • The stability of the ground is also improved, helping with the building foundations not moving due to the soil moisture

Most homes will already have an adequate system installed within the land as they are so important. Without them, homes will move and become damaged, as well as gardens and other natural spaces will not be healthy. Additionally, for agricultural purposes they are a must for more efficient and effective farming, from healthier soil, to happen. 

Different Types of Subsoil Drains

The most common and most effective type of subsoil drain is when geotextile material is applied to special pipes. Alone, the pipe has many different attributes and characteristics which allow water to seep through. The pipe allows for the high flow of water to be removed from the site, decreasing the potential water damage. Moreover, the geotextile material which is applied services to limit the amount of soil entering the pipe. Preventing soil and other smaller particles entering the pipe, the chance for blockages happening is decreased and the pipe can successfully remove the water. If knowing that your subsoil drain is blocked, contact our Blocked Drain specialists who will quickly remove any blockage.Other main types of subsoil drainage include:

  • Mole drainage – mainly used for places which experience heavy amounts of rainfall
  • Groundwater pumps – for places near streams and alike to ensure the excess water does not enter the area
  • Subsurface pipes – similar to subsoil 
  • Interceptor drains – usually used when water is constantly within the soil it targets to collect and remove the water

Installation of Subsoil Drains

A qualified plumber can determine which type of subsoil drainage is the best suited for where it will be installed. Factors such as the land area, average rainfall and the type of soil are factors which need to be considered. Likewise, doing the installation personally, unless having a plumber licence, is never the option to take. The chance that it can be incorrectly installed significantly increases when not knowing how to handle the subsoil drain. As a result, a fully certified plumber is the most effective and responsible way to go when installing subsoil drains. Some considerations which also must be made when installing subsoil drains:

  • If a retaining wall is present the drainage will go behind it because it will relieve pressure water will have on it
  • Installing it within a garden bed is a possibility to relive pressure of water as well
  • Likewise, within low areas of the garden, they should be installed so water pooling and stagnating does not occur
  • The perimeter of the home should have the subsoil drainage system installed. This is optimal to stop water from entering the foundations of the home and ruining them
  • They should be installed above natural water tables to not have the groundwater instead of the surface water be drained away

When it comes with subsoil drainage systems, it is important to know the plumber and ensure that they are licensed. As subsoil drainage is really important for the natural and structural components of your home, having a professional install the system is advised. 

Qualified Sydney Plumbers – Subsoil Drainage

Working with drainage systems, in particular subsoil drainage, is a speciality here at Optimised Plumbing Services. The experienced and expert team of plumbers here have dealt with all types of subsoil drains. Moreover, we can work on any type of subsoil drain, installing, repairing or performing maintenance on them. Specifically, with installations, we know all the best methods and have the needed licencing to install all types of subsoil drains. We will recommend the best one suited to your home and can easily have it installed and working as soon as possible. We also recommend utilising our Emergency Plumber services for us to work on the subsoil drains at any time. Additionally, for more information on drainage and other subsurface/ subsoil drainage systems are, Sydney Water has important information as a whole. We can work in all Sydney suburbs on all subsoil drainage systems, call us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at Our services working with subsoil drains are professional, precise and we work affordably. We know the best for each specific person and know the exact subsoil systems to be installed in each person’s location. After years of experience, we are guaranteed the best place to contact in Sydney for working on subsoil drains. 

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