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What Is Drainage?

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Drainage is an important part of both residential and commercial  buildings to successfully remove water from the environment. There are numerous components within drainage, with different types for different purposes. Moreso, these can change with the location of where the  drainage is installed and the purpose of the specific drain. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services we are specialised in working on all types of plumbing jobs, with drainage being one of them. As we offer expert Emergency Plumber services, we can be called out to help on any needed task with your drainage system. Drainage involves systems which are placed within residential and commercial buildings to remove any excess water from the area. It is important as it prevents flooding from occurring, as well as moulding, structural damage and rotting/mildew within the building. Furthermore, it is installed in places like walk/driveways and roofs where water commonly goes.

The Different Types of Drainage

There are four main types of water drainage that are typically installed throughout a residential or commercial building. They all have their own specific functions and are all important for the purpose of removing water from the place.    

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems of this type are placed for run-off water to be directed to the main drain. The ditches are installed parallel with being included to prevent any flooding or water pooling from occurring. They are located on the ground and have a slight slope so the water can easily enter the drain.

Subsurface Drainage System

These are located within areas that have soil to ensure water does not build up in the soil. A main drain is installed to collect the water, with ditches and underground pipes transferring the water to there. Furthermore, installing them requires digging and being installed on the first layer of soil. These are important so a build up of mud occurs and then the soiled area washes away.

Slope Drainage Systems

These are important for places that are on slopes as they allow water to easily flow down and not build up in the ground. With the help of inclined pipes moving down the slope, the water can be easily transported away from the structure.

Downspout and Gutter Systems

From the rook to the ground, this system is included around a building for water to travel through gutters into drains. The end of the system has the downspout on an angle to ensure the water goes into the ground drains and does not pool up.

Usual Work with Drainage Systems

There is a list of different work which plumbers do when involving drainage systems. Because the systems are important for removing storm water and sewage from the building, the plumbers work carefully and properly for successful work. Here is what general work is involved with drainage (There is also a lot more work):

  • Installing drains with proper support systems
  • Planning and digging up trenches for the drains to be installed
  • Connecting and testing the system and how it works altogether
  • Removing or cutting any broken or unused drainage
  • Replacing and fixing any damaged drains and other parts
  • Having drainage vents and inspection shafts installed
  • Clearing out any Blocked Drains

Benefits of Proper Drainage Systems

With drainage systems in commercial and residential buildings there are really important factors that make them needed to be installed. The main points include:

  • Preventing water from accumulating around the building. The excess water can easily flow into a drain then a way from the building site.
  • Reducing the chance of soil erosion. Preventing the soil within the building area to become muddy constantly and wash away the soil is important. Gardens and other areas with soil will be protected from being ruined, and also maintaining a healthy moisture balance.
  • Ensuring the place is healthy. As it flushes away all waste water and blockages, drainage makes sure that the building is safe to be in for people’s health.  

Maintaining and ensuring that the drainage system of the building is properly functioning is important for the health of people and the building itself. 

Drainage Plumbers and What They Know

A plumber that knows how to work with drainage is often a critical and fast thinker/ worker. This is because the plumber needs to have the ability to plan and work fast because drainage is so important. Additionally, they need to be qualified and skilled to work in a variety of different residential and commercial buildings. Meaning, the plumber will need to be adaptable to work in a range of environments, heights, natural spaces and indoor. Importantly, they will need to work with and completely know the requirements of the National Plumbing and Drainage Code. Being compliant to these rules and standards means the drainage plumber will work safely, properly and do everything legally. Making sure to hire a qualified and licensed plumber is important when wanting work done on your drainage systems. This is because it is important that there is no faults in the drainage work as there can be severe damage if there is any.  

BEST Drainage and Blocked Drain

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our team knows exactly how to work on drainage systems and any work involved. Installing, relining, repairing – our team can perform all needed tasks to keep the pipes and drains in your commercial or residential building properly working. Moreover, our blocked drain specialist team can work to prevent any of the drains from being clogged up. Each of our drain unblocker staff will be ready to unblock all drains of the drainage system with skillful methods and planning. For any type of drainage work, our drainage contractor team are the best in Sydney – contact 02 8074 1475 or email us at Any type of drainage system can be worked on by our qualified staff, working at efficient levels. Additionally, we are available 24/7 and can be called out for our drainage services in all Sydney suburbs. If needing the best water drainage team, contact us now for the best support in Sydney!

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