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What Is Evaporative Cooling?

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Evaporative cooling is a type of air conditioning method where it involves a roof mount system that cools water to cool the home. These systems differ from traditional air conditioning systems, such as split systems, but instead of using coolant, it uses water. A plumber will be able to install evaporative cooling systems and here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team are here to perform the service for Sydney locals.

Evaporative cooling systems work to cool the home by utilising water to cool the air. It is a roof mounted system that evaporates hot and dry air into a cooling vapour. When the air is cooled the system’s fans blow the air throughout the house using ducts and vents. Compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner, evaporative cooling systems cost less to run, are more eco friendly and provide healthier air.


How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

The way evaporative cooling works is by drawing in dry and hot air from outside and filtering it through its water-filled cooling pads that transform the air into cold air. The system is installed into the roof where it collects the air and then once the air is evaporated and cool it will divert it around the home. How the system moves the air around the home is through ducts and vents that can disperse the air into different parts of the house.

Plumbers install evaporative cooling systems, for more information about what services plumbers provide read our blog today!

What are the Differences Between Evaporative Cooling and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners?

To compare reverse system split system aircons with evaporative cooling systems read below:


Evaporative System or Split System

Upfront Price

The cost to purchase a new unit of both will depend on the type, energy rating, size and performance. How difficult the installation is to perform will also influence the upfront costs of these cooling systems. Overall split systems will be less expensive as the unit and installation process is cheaper. Evaporative units will need to have vents and ducts installed and installing in the roof might also make the installation take longer to perform.

Running Costs

Evaporative cooling systems are energy efficient when it comes to providing cooling. There are energy efficient split systems with a high energy star rating but evaporative cooling systems are overall more efficient. This is because fans and water pumps are used to cool air which is cheaper than using refrigerant and other systems. 

For instance, an average split system reverse cycle costs $0.60 an hour while an evaporative cooling system uses $0.02 for water then less than $0.10 to run for an hour. Cooling and heating appliances are a major energy cost for households, often 20-50% of the overall bill, therefore choosing energy efficient systems is key.


Since evaporative coolers use less energy than split systems then this means they are better for the environment. Additionally, since only water is used to cool the air rather than refrigerants this is also more eco-friendly. 

Air Quality 

Most air conditioning systems use the air within the home to recycle it into cool air which has the chance for allergens and dust to be cycled. Evaporative cooling systems use fresh air from outside to cool which is overall better to breathe. It is important that both are cleaned regularly to prevent dust and other particles from building up in the system then travelling throughout the house.


Both split systems and evaporating coolers offer amazing cooling for the home. Evaporative cooling systems, however, are not good within humid climates as the system needs dry hot air but when it is humid then it will not work effectively. This means that for areas that are more humid the split system will be better. For environments where the air is moister than the evaporative cooling systems are great. 

Temperature Control

A downside to evaporative cooling systems is that they do not have a heating function. This means that for people looking for both cooling and heating split systems may be better. There are other methods to heat up the home though if evaporative cooling systems are preferred for the hotter months.

Expert Plumbers Installing Evaporative Cooling Systems

Optimised Plumbing Services offers fully qualified plumbers to perform evaporative cooling services for Sydney. We are licensed to install these systems inside any home and will make sure to utilise professional and safe techniques. Our team are here for evaporative cooling, Blocked Drain and all other plumbing services for Sydney, including South Western Sydney and South Sydney. For reliable evaporative cooling services – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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