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What Is UV Pipe Relining?

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Repairing and replacing damaged pipes needs to be done as soon as possible. With recent plumbing advancements and innovations, several ways have surfaced offering an efficient and quick resolution to problems affecting the pipe system. Pipe relining is the best solution for any damaged pipe. This method makes use of a specially-designed pipe to cover the damaged portion of the network. By expanding, the newly inserted pipe covers holes created by tree root intrusion and other destructive factors.

However, even with a working pipe network, most property owners will still be concerned about whether it will still break going forward. Working with our Sydney emergency plumbers assures that you are only getting the best and most affordable pipe repair 24/7, 365 days of the year


What Is UV Pipe Relining Optimised Plumbing Sydney

What is UV Lining?

Pipe relining has revolutionised pipe repair and replacement in almost every aspect. Emergency plumbing service professionals no longer needed to dig and create trenches to remove damaged pipes and replace them with new ones. It also made the process more effective and lessened the chances of other pipes being damaged. While pipe relining offers the fastest way to repair damaged pipes, there is still a wait time for it to fully cover the damaged section. 

Ultra-violet (UV) lining is the answer to that downside of pipe relining. This process uses UV light to expedite the process of setting the newly lined pipe. The intense light emitted causes rapid curing of the newly repaired pipe. By choosing this pipe relining setting method, you will get the following benefits:

  • Reduced exposure to emissions and minimises possible side-effects on your and your neighbour’s properties.
  • Minimised impact and odour associated with curing the newly relined pipe.
  • No chance for the resin to migrate into the sewer system as it does not use steam
  • Does not exposes other existing pipes to the possibility of being damaged
  • Minimal impact on existing sewer capacity due to the use of a stronger but thinner material


What Are The Common Issues of UV Pipe Relining?

New technologies always come with some drawbacks amid the numerous advantages they offer. It is the same case for UV pipe lining. While it can quickly set a newly relined pipe, there are still limitations to using this type of pipe curing. These are common downsides to using UV to quickly cure a newly relined pipe:

  • Size limitations – For conventional curing, UV pipe lining can only be used typically in a pipe no more than 72 inches in diameter. However, work is already in progress to increase the available size.
  • Overall cost profile of the installed product – Using ultraviolet rays also significantly costs more compared to other methods of pipe curing. The higher repair cost is propelled by increased material costs, usually the resin and the decreased production rates associated with the use of this liner.

Given these disadvantages, the benefits offered by this pipe curing method still outweigh the aforementioned downsides. The significant savings and longer lifespan offered still trumps the need to dig and create a trench just to repair a damaged portion of the pipe system.


Relining a Waste Pipe

For homeowners and businesses thinking if the sewer system can also undergo pipe relining, the simple answer is – Yes! The process observed is similar to that of relining other pipes on the property. It starts with a CCTV drain inspection to locate the damaged pipe and confirm the cracks. Next, the damaged pipe is cleaned and prepared for insertion of the tube replacement. Once the damaged portion is clean, the epoxy-resin will  fill the tube piping and then flip inside-out using an advanced inverter. After filling, the tubing slides into the walls of the existing pipe network and will be cured by hot air or steam, Bluelight LED or UV until it is set in place.

When Should UV Pipe Relining Be Considered?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for damaged pipes. While pipe relining offers the fastest and cheapest fix for this plumbing problem, there are cases where digging and creating trenches is still the most viable option. But for those thinking of UV pipe relining, it is best in the following situations:

  • For pipes underneath pools, driveways, roads and other built structures
  • When soil conditions are poor and there is a risk of trench collapse
  • For pipes near sensitive habitats or beneath gardens
  • For newly renovated homes
  • For homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to repair damaged pipes that still promises a long lifespan

If you are choosing UV pipe relining, it is always best to work with a skilled 24hr emergency  blocked drain plumber. It is essential that they not only have an NSW plumbing licence, but they must also have years of experience and knowledge to know the ins and outs of pipe relining, including UV curing. Working with professionals guarantees that UV pipe relining is the best option for your damaged pipes and that the repair you are getting can last for a long time.


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Given the complexity of pipe relining, only an experienced emergency plumber should be entrusted with this job. Our team has the most skilled pipe relining professionals in town. Every 24 hour plumbing repair professional in our team has spent years honing their skills. All have met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading and the Plumbing Code of Australia .Through these requirements, we have been helping deal with problems affecting pipe networks in residential and commercial spaces.  

Aside from being experts in pipe relining, our team also offers other plumbing services like hot water system repairs, gas fitting and leaking toilet repair. Our combined experience and skills ensure only the highest standard of plumbing work in residential and commercial properties. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to have Sydney’s pipe relining expert on your doorsteps today!

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