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What Plumbing Problems Are Covered Under Insurance?

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Knowing which plumbing problems are covered under insurance is important to know. This ensures that if there is a plumbing problem you will know what costs and damages the insurance will cover. Different homeowner insurances will cover different plumbing problems and knowing what yours will cover is useful. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team are here at all times to help resolve any problem in any home.


Some of the plumbing problems covered under insurance are water leaks, broken pipes, burst pipes, blockages, flooding and water damage. These plumbing problems when caused by accident or a fault can cause damage to the house and property. The insurance can pay for the damages to the building and at times also cover the costs of the plumbing work. The insurance will not cover plumbing issues due to poor maintenance and gradual damage that could have been easily avoided.

What Plumbing Problems Are Covered Under Insurance

What are the Different Plumbing Problems Covered Under Insurance?

Property, Dwelling and Additional Living Expenses Coverage

When plumbing problems occur then the home and parts of it can be impacted which the insurance can cover:

  • Property coverage – If personal properties become damaged from plumbing damages, such as clothing and appliances, then being reimbursed can happen. 
  • Dwelling coverage – if the home’s structure is damaged from the plumbing problem, including damage to the walls, ceiling, floor and roof, then the insurance can cover the costs to repair these. 
  • Additional living expenses coverage – if plumbing issues happen while you are not home, such as on a holiday, then the insurance can help with these damages.


Pipes that become damaged unexpectedly, such as burst pipes, leaking pipes and broken pipes, are covered by the insurance. Any repairs and replacements will be covered as well as any additional cleaning and repairs of flooring, furniture and other items that were damaged due to the pipe damage. If the pipe was damaged or leaking for some time and it could have been avoided then the insurance may not cover the costs as much or at all.

Water damage due to the pipes is a concern the insurance will cover items and systems that were damaged by water. Personal belongings, the home’s structure and other parts that the water ruined can have the insurance cover or help with the repairs and replacement. Pipes that are damaged can also mean that the insurance will help with the costs to repair or replace them when needed.

Water Damage

Water damage caused by a plumbing problem can apply to the home’s structure and objects and systems of the home. Many insurances will help with the costs of the damage caused by water. It is important to document all the items and parts of the home that were damaged by the water and need replacing or repairing. Ensuring the leak or whatever is causing or caused the water is stopped is also needed. Communicating with the insurer about what is covered and what they will help with the costs is needed.

Main Sewer Line

If the sewage system or lines become damaged then most insurers do not cover much with them. But if the sewer line becomes damaged unexpectedly then the insurer will usually help with repairing the problem. If the sewer line issue is outside of the property then the utility company is responsible for resolving the problem. If the problem is inside of the property then the homeowner will need to resolve the problem and contest the home insurance. When the damage occurs from a blockage or poor maintenance then the insurer will often not help. 

Our blog ‘10 signs of a damaged sewer pipe’ is here to help and for you to know when to call a plumber before problems develop.

What Plumbing Problems Are Not Covered Under Insurance?

Most times the plumbing problems that are not covered by the insurance are issues that are due to poor maintenance or issues that could have been easily avoided, some include:

  • Blocked Drain – blockages mostly occurred when items and alike are flushed, poured or placed down a drain when they should have not been. This includes food scraps, cooking oil and grease, hair, wipes and more that easily block the pipes and can cause damage. 
  • Damaged systems due to bad maintenance – if plumbing appliances, pipes and systems were damaged from being maintained poorly, such as knowing a leak was occurring but doing nothing to resolve it, means that these problems could have been avoided so the insurer will not help with the costs.

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