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What Temperature Should My Hot Water Be?

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The hot water system temperature should be at a certain temperature to ensure the system runs efficiently. There are specific rules and standards with the water heater temperature to ensure the system runs safely. Ensuing other systems that use hot water are set to the correct hot water temperature will make sure they function correctly. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer hot water system replacement and repair services for us to help with any task involving the water heater. 

The hot water system temperature should ideally be above 60 degrees celsius. This is to ensure the hot water heater does not have mould or bacteria grow within the unit. Taps should have the water temperature at 50 degrees celsius and tempering valves are important to be installed.

What Should the Hot Water Temperature Be?

The hot water temperature should be set at a specific temperature to help protect against scalding. Specific temperatures can mean the difference between a person being burnt and being safe. Specific temperatures are also important in preventing mould and bacteria from developing inside the hot water system. Below is a guide on the different systems that use hot water and the temperature they should be set:


Hot Water System

For hot water systems that have a storage tank then the temperature should be kept above 60 degrees celsius. This is to ensure that bacteria does not develop inside of the tank and prevent people from becoming sick. As continuous flow systems do not store hot water then most times worrying about bacteria growth is not needed. The temperature should still be set at 60 degrees celsius and most systems will automatically do so. 



To ensure that taps and other fixtures that let out water do not burn people they will be set at 50 degrees celsius. Within schools, childcare centres and places that care for the elderly the taps will be set to between 35 and 50 degrees celsius. Taps will have the maximum temperature set to 50 as it will take five minutes to become burnt while 60 degrees celsius temperatures can take seconds to burn people.

Showers and Bathtubs

Fixtures, including showers and bathtubs, will have the temperature be at 50 degrees celsius like the taps. This is to prevent people from being burnt when washing themselves, particularly those who are more vulnerable to burns such as children and the elderly. The 50 limit will make sure people will not become burnt immediately from touching hot water and can quickly lower the temperature. 


What are Tempering Valves and Why Do I Need Them?

Tempering valves are a device that is used to automatically limit the maximum temperature of hot water systems and plumbing fixtures. They restrict the hot water system temperature and also the fixtures’ temperature to help prevent burns and bacteria growth. The tempering valves are important for bathrooms, and for further safety, a thermostatic mixing valve will be installed for precise temperature restrictions. 


What to do when My Hot Water is Broken?

If there is no hot water flowing from your taps and fixtures or to appliances that need it then here are a few reasons that could be causing the issue:


Pilot Light

For gas hot water systems, if the pilot light has gone out then the hot water system will not be able to heat the water. The pilot light being out may be the reason why the hot water is not being made. Relighting the pilot light will be needed to ensure the system can create higher temperature water. For newer gas systems with no pilot light then a spark igniter or glow plug will be needed if the hot water does not work. 


Burner or Gas Supply

The burner may be broken or the gas supply may be disrupted which could be causing the hot water to not happen. Ensure the burner is set to 120 degrees and also check to see if the natural gas line or supply has been damaged. Hot water system repairs may be needed if these systems are damaged and are not allowing the system to heat water. 

Electrical Issues

For electric hot water systems, there can be electrical issues that cause the system to not function correctly. The system may have tripped causing the switch to reset. A tripped breaker may have also occurred which will require the system’s circuit breaker box to be reset. 

Solar Powered System Issues

For solar hot water systems, there can be different problems that result in the hot water not working. The circulating pumps may be broken which means the water cannot flow properly around the system. Water leakages and solar panel defects are other types of issues that may need a hot water repair to occur. 


Professional Hot Water System Replacement Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with fully qualified plumbers to perform hot water system replacement and repair services for Sydney. Our team will ensure that the correct hot water system temperature is set and where needed carry out repairs. We will make sure the system provides the whole home with functioning hot water. When there are problems we will make sure to address them safely and utilise the best techniques to resolve them.

Our hot water services are here for all Sydney areas, including South Western Sydney, Hills District and Eastern Suburbs. We also offer professional Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drain services where we will perform these plumbing tasks expertly.

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