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What To Do While Waiting For A Plumber?

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Homeowners and businesses frequently dealing with blocked drains, malfunctioning hot water systems and leaking toilets need to allow a professional plumber to come over and take a look. These professionals have years of experience and training to quickly diagnose and provide the best resolution for common plumbing emergencies. Their skill set is an assurance that they can provide the best solution to any problem.

At Optimised Plumbing Service, we offer a combination of fully qualified emergency plumbers and a same-day service guarantee. This means that there is always a competent 24 hour plumber ready to help any time of the day, anywhere across Sydney. 

While we guarantee a competent plumber within minutes, this time is too precious. It opens the possibility of creating further damage and possibly complicating common plumbing emergencies. While waiting for an expert, it is best to know what you can do to mitigate your plumbing issue and prevent any further damage.


How Do I Prepare for a Plumber Visit?

Even a non-professional can take preventative action when plumbing trouble strikes. There are several easy temporary fixes that anyone can do while waiting for a plumber.  These DIY solutions can help you properly use plumbing appliances while they wait for professional help. 

There are also steps that you can take while our emergency plumbers are on the road to their property. These steps help prepare the spot for repair while some could lessen the possibility of creating further damage to the plumbing system. 

Recommended Things to Do After Discovering a Plumbing Issue

It is best to leave the repair of common plumbing emergencies to a professional. However, it does not mean that homeowners and businesses cannot do something to reduce possible consequences associated with these. By doing these “first aid, plumbing diagnosis” property owners can be assured that no further damage is done while waiting for our emergency plumbers. 

The following are actions that property owners should do while waiting for a plumber:

  • Turn off the water supply – Shutting off the water supply does not only dry the plumbing system but also helps prepare it for repair. In most Australian homes, the water supply valve is commonly located outside, near the road sharing the same spot as the water meter. For those living in an apartment complex, the valve is usually found in the kitchen or bathroom, hidden in some cupboards or other easily accessible common areas. While tempting, our emergency plumbing service professionals recommend not removing any fittings, pipes or taps.
  • Clean the problem area – Removing clutter helps emergency plumbers do their job better. Without interference, they can focus on repairing the defective plumbing equipment. It is best to dry and mop the area where water has spilled. It is also recommended to clear the area of personal items and other objects that may limit the plumber’s movement. It is also important to keep people out of the space to reduce interference and have the 24 hour plumbing repair expert quickly do the fixing.
  • Let the plumber do his job – By allowing the emergency plumbing service professional to have his own space, he (or she) can move freely and do the job to the best of their ability. Our 24 hour plumbers shared that they can always call the attention of the property owner when they need something.

How Long Does It Take for an Emergency Plumber to Come?

Plumbing emergencies are best repaired on the day they are discovered. It reduces the possibility of developing into a more serious plumbing problem. However, this job should only be entrusted to someone with the qualifications to do the job. It also helps to look for a 24 hour plumbing service. An always-available plumber assures that professional help will be on its way, even when it is late at night, a Sunday morning or Christmas lunch. 

At Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer a same-day service guarantee to anyone, anywhere across the Sydney suburbs. Our 24 hour plumbers arrive at any Sydney home or commercial space within minutes after asking for help. We are the “fast plumber near me” sought by homeowners and businesses looking to have their plumbing trouble repaired within the day.

How Much Do Most Plumbers Charge Per Hour?

The cost of a plumbing repair depends on which plumbing equipment needs fixing and the severity of the issue. In Sydney, a plumber charges a higher rate compared to their counterparts in other cities in Australia. Compared to plumbers in Perth, their hourly rate is at a lower $90 to $100. The cost of hiring an experienced plumber is much cheaper in Melbourne where the average hourly rate is between $80 and $90. The average rate of a licensed Sydney 24 hour plumber is approximately $99 to $150 per hour. However, public holidays and after hour call outs, will influence this price

Despite this price, property owners should treat such expenses as an investment. A properly working plumbing system could provide a longer lifespan. It also lessens the chances of a defective plumbing system affecting other aspects of the property.

Experience the Best Emergency Plumbing Service in Sydney Today!

At Optimised Plumbing Services, we focus on providing a high level of plumbing services to anyone, anytime, anywhere across Sydney. We have the best 24 hour plumbers in Sydney. All are trained and experienced in all common plumbing emergencies. Each emergency plumber in our team has undergone the Certificate III in Plumbing course and have gained real-life work experience through an apprenticeship program. These requirements have equipped them with the necessary experience and knowledge on the ins and outs of plumbing work. It also prepared them to do work according to The Plumbing Code of Australia and other related laws and regulations. 

We do not stop at having the right qualifications, we also offer a same-day service guarantee. Our 24/7 operating hours allow us to immediately dispatch a capable emergency plumber within minutes. By having a competent plumber available round the clock, we aim to make high-quality plumbing repairs accessible to more people across Sydney. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to experience why locals continue to trust our emergency plumbers to repair common plumbing emergencies today!

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