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When Do I Need Pipe Relining?

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The process of pipe relining is a beneficial process where damaged or broken pipes can be fixed without completely replacing them. Additionally, there are many more benefits when it comes with pipe relining, which the process should definitely be considered. Furthermore, there are specific factors and times where pipe relining should or needs to occur. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer Emergency Plumber support to all of Sydney, which means that we can perform pipe relining process whenever needed. Pipe relining can happen to any drainage system at any time, but more for pipes which need immediate care. These issues can include leaks, burst pipes and older systems which require the relining process. It should be considered because there is far less labour involved and is less expensive than removing and replacing pipes.

Pipe Relining and the Process

Pipe relining is where a method is used to repair broken and old pipes without removing the current ones. A solution is cured within the pipes which ultimately strengthens the current pipe. This solution is inserted into the pipe to then harden on the existing internal walls of the current pipe. As a result, a new, stronger pipe is formed inside of the existing pipe, furthermore is trench-less and requires minimal damage and costs.  The general process with pipe relining, in brief, includes:

  1. Inspecting the current pipes – this is to ensure that the pipes are not severely damaged to the point where the relining solution cannot form a new pipe. A special camera revealed through the pipe which helps identify if drain relining can occur.
  2. Cleaning out blockages – Blocked Drains will prevent the process from working, therefore must be dealt with. After this, a final inspection of the pipe will occur similar to the previous step. 
  3. Identifying the length of the current pipe – this is to see how much solution is needed and what the plumber is working with.
  4. Epoxy resin – the pipes are saturated with this solution to help with the curing process.
  5. Curing process – this step is the longest where the solution is either strengthened manually or, usually, with hot water. UV radiation is also used to ensure that the lining is completely hard and durable. 
  6. Final steps – inspection and junction pits are cut and the process is overall finished.

If curious to know the cost of relining pipes, read our blog article with insightful information with the topic. 

Advantages with Pipe Relining

There are many benefits which come with the method and are often what attracts many people.

  • Long Term Solution – The lining process lasts longer than removing the old pipes and replacing it with newer ones. This is because there usually are warranties that come along with the method, ten to more commonly fifty years. This number shows how relining the pipes strengthens them for long periods of time due to the solution and is extremely strong.
  • Safety – because the process hardly needs space and surfaces from being removed, there is little danger involved. The presence of debris, trenches and holes are not in the method when compared to other methods of fixing pipes. 
  • Durability – the resin pipe along with the old pipe makes the piping system extremely durable. There are two pipes present in one plumbing system with the weaker areas being removed due to the relining.
  • Landscaping is Limited – as said, there is little landscaping needed for the process to undergo. Therefore, not only being safer, the method removes the idea of flora and the ground being damaged. Likewise, having the ground repaired and new material included if trenches and alike were built is also eliminated. There is over minimal destruction when it comes with the process with many places looking as though they have been untouched. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness – relining pipes is overall cheaper when compared to removing the pipes and replacing them with new ones. Additionally, all the labour involved in the removal, as well as landscape destruction, is not present in the process. Labour, material and time costs are also down with relining, making it more cost-effective.
  • Fast – the whole method of relining pipes is also much faster than other methods of repairing pipes. Landscape adjustments are not needed, along with hard-to-reach areas being accessible through pipe relining. Adding new pipes, removing old ones and repairing the ground is also not present in pipe relining. 

Considerations Needed Before Pipe Relining

There are some factors or limitations with regards to pipe relining. These issues are often rarer but may prevent pipe relining from occurring within the drainage.

  • Uneven cleaning – if the cleaning job is done incorrectly that may mean that the relining solution may not work properly. The plumber should always clean the pipe properly before applying the solution, which most qualified plumbers will do though. 
  • Complex bends and joints – if the shape of the bends and joints are more complex then the epoxy resin will not work correctly. For this, it is more effective to handle the newer joints and bends than having the solution form the odd shape. 
  • Small pipe diameter – the epoxy will find it more difficult to harden with pipes with a diameter of less than 10cm. 
  • Broken pipes – if the old pipe is too damaged, for instance, large holes, then the relining process will not work. This is only often the case for extremely damaged pipes and might mean that replacing them is the only option. 

For more information with regards to home maintenance with pipes, Sydney Water has some useful tips. 

Qualified plumbers and Pipe Relining

Optimised Plumbing Services operates in all Sydney suburbs performing professional pipe relining. We always complete the relining job properly, on-time and work on affordable rates. Likewise, we are fully licensed and insured, allowing us to perform pipe relining in all commercial and residential areas.Our pipe relining services are open to all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, the Sutherland Shire and the Northern Beaches. For the best pipe relining plumbers in Sydney – call Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at

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