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When Should I Use Root Killer?

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A Blocked Drain can be caused by roots and a tree root killer will be needed to kill the roots. Roots in sewer pipes, septic systems and other types of underground piping are a major cause of drain blockages. It is important that drainage systems are cleared of roots to prevent the pipes from breaking or being blocked. Optimised Plumbing Services offers our blocked drain plumbers who will properly deal with tree root blockages. 

When underground plumbing is likely to experience a blocked drain from tree roots then root killer should be applied every 30-60 days. The root killer will work between 2 days to 2 weeks and clear the drains and pipes of tree roots. It is best to use a root killer with copper sulphate or metam sodium to kill the roots but not poison the tree.

How Does Chemical Root Killer Work?

Root killers are designed to clear drains of any roots that are forming inside the pipes. From the septic tank, sewer lines and all other underground piping networks, tree roots can enter the pipes. The chemical root cleaner will be applied to the roots and work within 2 days to 2 weeks and kill the roots. Most credible root killers will also not be harmful to the environment and will not kill the tree, plants or other vegetation.

How Often Should I Use Root Killer?

It is encouraged that root killer is applied to pipes close to trees and vegetation every 30 to 60 days. Applying the solution should be a part of a regular drain cleaning process to help prevent the problem in the future. It is recommended that copper sulfate is applied as it is better for the environment and easier to purchase when compared to metam sodium solutions.

How Do Tree Roots Enter the Pipes and Why is it Bad?

The underground roots of trees and plants will grow as time passes and will look for moisture. Pipelines are a great place for the roots to grow as there is high moisture content. They will look for gaps, cracks and joints in the pipes to enter it. When the roots enter the pipes they will grow in size and eventually break or clog up the insides. 

The reason why tree roots entering pipes is not good is because of how destructive roots can be to pipes. Roots will grow throughout the whole piping network which will cause material flowing in the pipe to be blocked. The flow will be negatively disrupted and the chance of a complete blockage in the pipe can occur. Tree roots may also break the pipes which will mean that thousands of dollars will be needed to replace and install new plumbing pipes.

How to Use Tree Root Killers?

Tree root killers are flushed down the toilet that leads to the sewage line affected by the tree root blockage. If the roots are entering other pipes then the access point is where the root killer will be applied. The drain cleaners should be left to do the work and water or other liquids should not flow down the pipe 8 to 12 hours after the chemicals were applied.

What to do if Tree Root Killer Does Not Work?

If chemical formulas cannot kill the tree roots inside the plumbing then there are other methods that can be applied. Hydro jetting techniques is one way a plumber can clear small tree roots and vegetation blockages from the pipes. A high pressured water blast will be used to push the clogs out of the drain. This can also help weaken the existing roots and help strengthen the process of applying chemical root killers. 

Mechanically removing the tree roots and cutting them down might be one of the last resorts to remove tree roots from pipes. A licensed plumber will manually remove the tree roots by first digging the ground and accessing the pipes. The tree roots will be cut and specific formulas applied to clear the system of the root problem. This method can be time consuming and costly so it is often one of the last methods to clear out tree roots.

How Can Pipe Relining Help Prevent Tree Root Problems?

Pipe relining is a plumbing process that strengthens the insides of the pipes and protects them.  It is a cost-effective, time-effective and overall efficient method to not have the need to replace the existing pipes. By placing a specific solution inside the pipe it will harden to the inside layer and will overall act as a new pipe.

To know how pipe relining works in detail we strongly recommend reading our blog for further details.

Reliable Blocked Drain Sydney Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is the best place to contact when needing blocked drain services with tree roots. Our team will utilise safe and effective pipe root killers to clear the plumbing of tree roots. We will use CCTV to inspect the condition of the pipe to know how big the tree root issue is. Each fully qualified plumber promises to arrive on time, operate professionally and ensure the tree roots are properly dealt with.

Our tree root plumbers will operate across all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney and Inner West. We also offer trusted Emergency Plumber services where we will help with any plumbing emergencies at all times of the day. 

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