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Why Are My Gutters Leaking?

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There are many reasons why leaking gutters happen around a home. From clogged drains to poorly installed gutters, the drainage system can leak from many reasons. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team is here to help stop leaking gutter systems. Working across all of Sydney, our plumbers quickly and efficiently fix leaking gutters. 

The problem of leaking gutters is often caused by:

  • Clogged gutters preventing water to flow properly
  • Poorly sealed joints leaking water
  • Cracks and holes allowing water to fall through
  • Loose fasteners leaving water to leak
  • Incorrect slopping of the gutters directing water to the downspouts

Clogged Gutters

Dealing with leaking gutters is often due to a clog within the drainage system. Clogs are one of the most common issues which will leave a gutter to leak. When leaves and other debris is caught within the system and not cleared out they can build up. This blockage will prevent water from flowing towards and out the downspout. When this happens water pools easily and the water will exit the gutters off the side.

Performing regular gutter cleaning is the best way of preventing the clog from escalating. Blockages are easy to spot when carefully looking at the gutter system and also easy to clean. If the clog is in the gutters then removing it by hand into a bucket is the most effective methods. When the clog is in the downspout, removing it from the gutter system is the method to clean it. 

Maintaining the health of the gutters is needed to prevent this common issue from happening. Where there is a large amount of water pooling in one spot, the chance of it leaking into the home is increased.  Water damage is a serious problem because it can cause a large amount of damage. Clearing out the gutters at least once a year will help prevent the dilemma from occurring. 

For more information on ‘what damage can be caused by a blocked gutter’ read our blog providing clear insights. It is important to resolve a clogged gutter quickly to prevent mould and other issues rfom developing. 

Poorly Sealed Joints

The joints which connect the sections of the gutters together will begin to separate the older the system is. When this happens it can easily allow water to leak through where it should not be. To ensure that the roof gutter joints are not sealed incorrectly carefully look at each joint. Often it will be easy to see if there is some separation between the gutter joints. If it is not too visible, it will be clear when water pours through them. 

Joint leaks are usually resolved by replacing the old sealant because it is not watertight. Other times the whole joint may need to be replaced to ensure the leaking stops. It is important to resolve the issue to ensure the joints do not become water damaged. If this happens then they can rust or become weak and can snap.

Cracks and Holes

All types of gutters, including galvanised steel and aluminium gutters, can experience cracks and hole issues. The gutters being damaged is often due to the weather which people can be unaware of. Gutters leaking from holes and cracks often starts small, then as they begin to grow the issue becomes bigger.

Inspecting the gutters for any small holes or cracks will help identify the issue. When the naked eye cannot see them, pouring water down the gutters can help determine if the gutters leaks. Small holes and cracks can become larger so identifying them early is important. 

Waterproof chalk or sealant is often used to resolve this issue. However, if there are larger holes or cracks then sometimes the section of the gutter need to be replaced. Wire brush

Loose Fasteners

Loose fasteners can be the reasons why the gutters are leaking even if they are not sloping the system. Gutters are connected to fascia boards with nails, screws and hangers that are connected through the side of the gutter. When the screws, nails and hangers loosen up from the boards and gutter this can lead to water leaking. This leakage is often around the fasteners which will cause water to pour onto the fascia boards. 

When there is a large amount of water making contact with the fascia boards it can have them rot. It is important to identify the issue early otherwise the gutters and fascia boards may need to be replaced. If they rot it can also go into the walls and ceilings of the home which is never wanted situation.

Incorrect Slopping

Gutters are installed with a slight slope to ensure the water flows easily to the downspouts. When they are incorrectly installed or are slopping this can cause leakage issues. They can sag from fasteners and other joints loosening or water weighing the system down. 

A slopping gutter can cause water to flow more easily off the side or joints to become stressed. This can lead to further issues which might cause leaking gutters. To resolve the slopping gutter it needs to saggin areas or the whole gutters to be replaced. The more the gutter slops the higher the chance it can cause stress to joints and alike.

Trusted Gutter Repairs and Installations

Our emergency plumbers here at Optimised Plumbing Services are the best for repairing and installing gutters. When there are leaks present we can easily identify where the issue is present and how to fix it. Our plumbers use reliable methods to ensure that the leaks stop and the gutters work correctly. The team of fully qualified plumbers make sure to work correctly and safely at all times. 

Each plumber can work on gutters across all of Sydney, including the Hills District, South Sydney and North Shore. Also, we offer Blocked Drain services for situations like a blocked gutter to a blocked sewer or kitchen sink.  

When needing trusted gutter repairs and installation services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at!

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