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Why Do I Have No Hot Water?

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When hot water is not working, simple and quick hot water system repair jobs are the best option to take. Knowing what steps to do when the hot water unit stops working can save time and money. However, calling for a hot water plumber after completing the temporary fixes can ensure that the whole system will work correctly. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber workers, or our emergency hot water plumbers, are available 24/7. After 15 years of experience and holding high certification we understand all there is on professional hot water repairs. Having no hot water can mean one of many problems, with also being determined by the type of hot water system. Depending on if it is electric, gas or solar hot water system will mean certain actions will need to take place. Either waiting for the hot water to re-heat, upgrading the size of the hot water tank or identifying the issues are some methods which can help restore hot water.

Gas Hot Water System General Repairs

Here are the most common issues with gas hot water systems and how to simply fix them.


Pilot Lights 

When the pilot light has turned off often the flame will not be present as a result. Therefore, relighting will help but many newer models of gas heaters may not have a pilot light. Instead, they might have a glow plug or a spark igniter which means reading the instructions/ owners manual is the safest path to take. However, if the gas system does have a pilot light here is what to do to safely relight it:

  1. Turn off the regulator and wait around five minutes for the gas to completely disperse
  2. After this, turn the regulator to the “pilot” option
  3. If a self-ignite feature is present, for about a minute push down the ignition button then turn the regulator to the “on” position
  4. When lighting the pilot is needed make sure to use a long lighter to direct the flame towards the pilot burner

If it still does not ignite the issue may be with the inlet valve being closed. As a result, turn the handle parallel to the gas line, and then try to reignite the pilot again. Also, if it still will not work a defected thermocouple may be the issue. Calling the gas utility company or a qualified plumber is the best way to handle the situation.

No Gas Supply

If hot water is not working then checking to see if gas is going into the heater system is possible. The gas supply might have been interrupted or turned off which would have not allowed the system to receive the natural gas. These simple steps with turning on the gas can help:

  1. Have the gas control knob be turned to “pilot”
  2. Where the burner and pilot light are located remove the cover to see if a flame is lit inside


When the burner does not work properly these easy steps can help:

  1. Make sure the burner is off then have the thermostat set to 120 degrees
  2. Open a tap and turn it to the hot water section
  3. Watch the burner to see if it ignites, if not, then keep the tap on and turn up the thermostat
  4. If it ignites replace the cover to then resent the thermostat to its original temperature

Electric Hot Water System General Repairs

With electric powered hot water heaters, the more common problems and how to resolve them are the following.

High-Temperature Cutoff Switch

This system being tripped may be why no hot water is available. Therefore, resetting the switch can help and is easy to do – open the panel and press the button. Hearing a click should reset the switch and the powered should flow back to the water heater. If not, the high-temperature cutoff might be broken/ defected and may need replacement.

Heating Elements

Electric hot water systems generally have a lifespan of 10 years. As a result, replacing the old one with a new one might be the only option to take if it is really old. 

Tripped Breaker

If a switch in the hot water has been turned off then ensure it is switched back to on. Similarly, with the circuit breaker box, if a switch is tripped then resolving it is important:

  1. A tripped breaker will be “in-line” with the other switches rather than flipped “off”
  2. Flip the switch to the “off” point then reverse this by turning it back “on”
  3. Calling an electrician after the breaker has been reset and still does not work is the needed step to take

Solar Powered Hot Water System General Repairs

Solar-powered hot water heaters may experience many problems, here are the more common and how to solve them.  

Circulation Pump Issues

A faulty circulating pump may run constantly or not at all. The pump’s controller may be the issue resulting in the system malfunctioning. When the controller is on however the system will not run then the pump’s impeller might be blocked, therefore clean it. Additionally, when the pump runs periodically at night time the valve might need replacing. 

Water Leaking

A leaking temperature and pressure relief valve will need replacing as the only option. Leaking may also be caused by burst pipes, a pipe fitting issue or from broken seat deteriorates where a licensed plumber is needed. These issues will not cause the system to work properly, as a result, the solar panel system will not easily create hot water. 

Other Issues Stopping Hot Water

If the orientation of the solar panel is facing trees/ shade this might limit the amount of power it receives. As a result, simply move the solar panel to face more sun. Moreover, frozen solar panels in winter can cause the system to malfunction, therefore, have slop on the collector so the output end is increased. Also, if the system losses heat, insulation may be the dilemma, as a result, have proper insulation to the storage tanks, pipes and all the joints. 

Trusted Hot Water Service

It will not matter if your hot water system is gas, electric or solar-powered, Optimised Plumbing Services can work on all systems. We can provide highly recommended service and repairs on all types of hot water heaters to solve any problems experienced.Moreover, our hot water system repair and replacement services are offered to the whole of Sydney, such as Greater Western Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs. Additionally, know that our Blocked Drain plumbers are experts in the filed and can work 24/7 to resolve any blocked drain. No matter the hot water system repair our team can work day or night – call us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at

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