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Why Do I Need A Plumbing Inspection?

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A plumbing inspection is where a licensed plumber inspects the plumbing systems of a building. The plumbing and drainage inspection ensures that any problems can be found before major issues arise. As inspections ensure plumbing can be repaired or replaced before major concerns develop they are important to occur regularly. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will carry out professional plumbing inspections for locals of Sydney. 

The main reasons for plumbing inspections are:

  • Detecting damages early in the plumbing lines and pipes that can be fixed before major issues develop
  • Preventing the water bill increasing by problems occurring, such as leaks and inefficient appliances
  • Handling plumbing issues before they develop into more serious and expensive problems
  • Clogs and blockages can be dealt with before they grow into more serious concerns

What are the Different Types of Plumbing Inspections?

There are many different plumbing systems around the home so there are two main techniques that plumbers use to inspect them. These include visual inspections and CCTV inspections and a plumber will use one or a mix of both to inspect the plumbing of the house.

Visual Inspections

Visual inspections involve the plumber using their eye and knowledge to inspect the plumbing. Some systems include the sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, connections and fixtures around the home. Ensuring the appliance or fixture is in a healthy state, all the drainage works and making sure there are no leaks are important. 

CCTV Inspections

CCTV drain inspections are where a camera is inserted into plumbing and water pipes. This is important to search for blockages, leaks and damages that could be present in the plumbing lines. The camera is inserted into the plumbing and it is mounted on a rod that will send real-time videos to the plumber. This tool is effective at helping plumbers understand if there are issues with plumbing systems that are located underground and harder to inspect. 

Why is a Plumbing Inspection Important?

There are many reasons why plumbing inspections are needed:

Building Inspections

During a building project, there will need to be many plumbing inspections to ensure everything aligns with safety standards. Receiving a certificate of compliance and a pass on the plumbing work will allow the building process to progress. If there are any issues within the building plumbing inspection they can be found and repaired early. There will be many plumbing inspections during the build to make sure once the build is complete all plumbing systems will work perfectly. 


Another major reason to undergo plumbing inspections is to ensure the plumbing is safe to use. Any gas leaks, water leaks, burst pipes and other plumbing concerns can be found before people are in danger. The cost of the repairs will also be lower compared to in the future when the problem is found and is large. 


To guarantee that all the plumbing systems are working properly inspections will make sure of this. From looking to see if the hot water system provides heated water correctly to determine if tree roots are causing Blocked Drain issues, the plumbing inspection is done to make certain the plumbing can be reliably used. 

How Much Do Plumbing Inspections Cost?

For an average-sized home the cost for a plumbing inspection will be from $200 to $250. Larger homes or places with many more plumbing systems and fixtures will mean that more work is required and will increase the cost of an inspection. During the inspection, the plumber will be able to find any hidden leaks or problems that will need to be repaired in the future.

Who is Responsible For Plumbing Inspections?

Plumbing inspections will need to be organised and responsible for depending on the area in or around a property. Generally, plumbing lines and systems inside the property will mean that the property owner will need to organise the inspection. Lines and plumbing outside private property will mean Sydney Water will look perform the inspection. 

Property Owners

Property owners are responsible for maintaining fittings and pipes within their property, which includes underground plumbing inspections. The pipes and fittings that connect before Sydney Water’s networks are responsible by the property owner. This includes taps, water tanks, water pumps, pipes, and other equipment within the property. When Sydney Water’s pipes are within the private property then the property owner will need to ensure they are protected and not damaged.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water is responsible for performing inspections on the water meter and the pipes that connect to the home’s pipe network. This includes the channels, pipes and structures that allow services to be connected to the home. When there are Sydney Water assets on private property then they are also responsible for performing inspections and maintenance. 

Trusted Plumbing Inspections for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services performs professional plumbing inspections in all properties and areas. Our team will inspect all systems and lines, such as the water heater, wastewater systems and plumbing fixtures. We will use professional tools and techniques to carry out the plumbing inspections. Each system will be correctly looked at to ensure any problems can be found and addressed early.

Each plumber will perform the plumbing inspections in all Sydney areas, including Greater Western Sydney, North Shore and Sutherland Shire

For trusted and reliable plumbing inspection services – Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help 24 hours a day!

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