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Why Is My Water Bill Higher Than Usual?

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Experiencing a high water bill can be confusing as often it happens unknowingly. When the water bill is higher than expected it can be from seasonal changes to faults within the plumbing system. The best option is having a plumber inspect the plumbing to understand what may be causing the higher water bill. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our trusted Emergency Plumber service is here to help Sydney with high water bill concerns. 

A high water bill can be a result of many factors, the most common being:

  • Toilets leaking or running water
  • Irrigation or sprinkler system leaking
  • Old or outdated plumbing fixtures being inefficient
  • New plumbing systems and appliances using more water
  • Faucets and fixtures leaking
  • Drainage systems leaking
  • Seasonal changes and human activity increasing water usage
  • Water wasting habits

Leaking or Running Toilets

Toilets are a major reason why the water bill is higher than previous bills. A leaking or running toilet can waste up to 22,000 litres of water per month which can extremely raise the bill. To determine if the increase of the bill is from the toilet checking for leaks is needed. 

This can be done by listening to the toilet and determining if it makes hissing noises. Another test can be by placing a small amount of food colouring into the bowl of the toilet. If after 20 minutes the food dye it is still present then water is flowing back into the bowl. 

Irrigation or Sprinkler System Leakages

The system which provides water to the landscaping could have a loose joint or crack within the plumbing lines. This could cause water to leak out of the system even if it is turned off and waste water. If there are more damp spots on the ground this could indicate that there is a leak within the system. As the system is underground it is advised that a plumber inspects the system properly for defects. 

Old Plumbing Fixtures and Systems

Older homes often will have older plumbing systems, lines and fixtures installed within it. As these are older and outdated they are not as efficient as modern plumbing. This could mean that the water bill is higher than it should as the systems are not efficient at saving water. 

All fixtures and plumbing systems should be inspected to see if they are efficient in how much water they save. When buying a new home, if the plumbing systems have not been replaced since the initial build it will indicate that an older plumbing system is still present. 

New Plumbing Systems

Reading your bill and it is higher than usual might be because of a recent addition to the plumbing system. This can include pools, washing machines, sprinklers and other systems which might be using more water. It is important to purchase and install appliances which are highly efficient in its water usage. 

Leaking Faucets or Fixtures

Taps, shower heads and other fixtures might be leaking water directly or within their plumbing lines. These issues are often one of the more common reasons why the water bill is much higher than usual. If a tap leaks one drip per second it can waste around 65 litres in one day. 

Often the sink is the place where taps leak as people might forget to close the tap completely. Read our blog on ‘how to repair a leaking tap’ for more information on how to repair the issue.  

Drainage Leakages

Drainage systems around the home can leak and experience issues which means more water is being wasted. From the guttering system to underground piping, these might have cracked lines or loose joints. The drainage systems becoming damaged could also be from tree root damage, old age, weather to Blocked Drain dilemmas. 

It is crucial that a professional plumber is called to work on identifying what part of the system is broken. Then, they will perform the needed repairs to ensure that the system is working and not wasting water. 

Weather and People Influence

The reason why the water bill is higher might be from seasonal changes or more people in the home. When there is a change in the weather people will use water differently which can lead to more water being used. Such as in summer the hose will be used more and in winter showers are longer. Even drinking more water and leaving the tap on for longer can be influenced from the weather.

Also, if there are more people within the home this could indicate why the bill is higher. This is obvious as more people are using water than normal and the bill will increase for the greater water usage. 

Water Wastage

People might have bad habits when it comes to using water and might explain the high water bill. This could be from using a top-loader washing machine rather than a front-loading washing machine or doing more washing. Overwatering lawns or using water recreational items can also increase the bill. 

Having longer showers is another major factor to wasting water as they should be a maximum of four minutes. Additionally, hand washing dishes over placing them in the dishwasher is another major influence to more water wasted. Even keeping the tap on when brushing your teeth will have more water wasted. Changing these habits will see less water being used and overall the water bill will be lower. 

Professional Plumbers for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help when the water bill is higher than usual and a plumber is needed to fix certain issues. Our fully qualified plumbers will perform any needed repair or installation to ensure that the water bill cost remains consistent.

Each plumber can work across all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, Inner West and North Shore. No matter the issues our plumbers will help stop the issues causing a high water bill. Optimised Plumbing Services is here 24/7 – please contact us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at!

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