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Why is My Water Dirty & How Do I Fix It?

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It is common to hear to just wait until the water clears when there’s brown water coming out of your faucet. There is some truth to this, but it is not the whole picture. When this happens, it is an indication that there is a problem within the plumbing system or the water source. Giving it time to clear out may do the trick, but the underlying problem needs resolving. 

When brown water constantly comes out, it is best to have an experienced and trained emergency plumber to help deal with the situation. An experienced and highly-trained emergency plumbing service expert possesses the skills to diagnose which factor is causing the problem and provide the best resolution.

Common Reasons for Brown Water

Several factors could be behind this plumbing issue. The buildup of minerals, sediment or rust in the pipes is the usual reason behind water turning brown. While those commonly cause this plumbing issue, there are other ways coloured water could develop. The following are other factors that contribute to this plumbing issue:

  • A construction project stirring up sediments and causing the water to become brown;
  • The surge in water flow through the pipes due to high demand;
  • In residential buildings, the water turns brown due to oxidised iron that commonly appears after it was dislodged due to pipe repairs or pipe replacements.

Wh/plumbing-services/pipe-relining/ile it should not cause panic, taking a preventive approach works best. This plumbing problem should be taken seriously, especially when it regularly happens. 

Why is Brown Water Running on My Faucet?

Muddy, brown water will cause panic for any homeowner. However, brown water, or any other coloured water, does not directly cause health hazards. However, it could still cause inconveniences such as damaging clothes or plumbing fixtures. Several things could contribute to water turning brown. Some occur naturally, but others are due to the lack of regular maintenance and other human-instigated factors. 

Can I Still Use Brown Water?

Yes, but it is better to wait for clear water to come out of the tap. It is a minor inconvenience caused by a significantly large amount of iron or rust. This mineral is commonly found in soil and drinking water. It is why there is no need for additional commotion when this happens. There is no scientific basis telling that coloured water causes health issues. But it does not mean that it could not be responsible for some troubles. But can you drink brown water? We still recommend waiting for clear water as drinking it can leave a metallic aftertaste. How about showering? Yes, it is safe to do so, but it is not a pleasant experience. Due to its muddy state, it is also a perfect breeding ground for all forms of bacteria. It could also cause irritation and other unwanted consequences. These consequences are reasons why it is best to practise precaution when using brown water. Continuous use of stained water also leaves an impact on other things. Stained sinks, toilets and fabrics are usual reasons behind continuously using brown or other coloured water. While anyone can easily remove these stains, it is best to contact a trusted plumber when you have been constantly dealing with brown water. 

Things to Do When There’s Brown Water Running

While brown water cannot cause issues with your health or cause significant serious plumbing issues, it is best to further investigate the reasons why it is happening. Identifying the cause can calm you on why it is happening. It also provides a clearer picture of what needs to be done. Additionally, knowing the reason behind it helps the emergency plumber identify the real cause and provide the best solution. Our 24hr emergency plumbers recommend doing the following tasks after discovering brown water:

  • Check the hot water system – Using the hot water system for a long time can cause the buildup of scaling on the bottom of the water heater. While stuck there, it muddles the heated water and causes it to turn brown. This case usually happens when the hot water system is near the end of its lifespan. Your hot water system may be old (average age typically 8-15 years) and in need of replacement
  • Ask around – When brown water constantly runs out of the faucet, it could also be affecting other residents and businesses in the neighbourhood. Our “fast plumber near me” recommends inquiring with your neighbours whether they are also experiencing the same issue. By asking around, it isolates whether the problem lies in the building’s pipe network. It also allows you to quickly reach out to an emergency plumbing service professional if the problem lies with the pipe system. 
  • Inform your local water authority – When the pipe network has been repaired and you have ensured that there is no scalding in the water heater, it is best to inform the local authority about the situation. They have the power to further investigate and provide the best resolution for the brown water issue. 

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