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Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

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A hot water heater leak means a service should occur to ensure the tank can be repaired or replaced. The water heater tank leak can be caused by a number of factors and can lead to minor or major water floods. Replacing the water heater or repairing the current system are the main ways to fix the issue. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will resolve any hot water system leak in Sydney. 

The main causes of a hot water heater leak are:

  • Older system
  • Storage tank issues
  • Excessive pressure
  • Improper draining
  • Loose fixtures

What are the Causes of a Hot Water Heater Leak?

A water heater leak is caused by:

Older System

Older hot water systems are more likely to experience problems especially if they have not been serviced in some time or at all. Most hot water systems will last 10 years then after that they will need repairs or services more frequently. The internal parts of the system will begin to be less efficient as time goes on. With parts not working correctly, this leads to further problems which can eventually lead to water leaks. 

Storage Tank Issues

Glass-lined storage tanks are often used for water heater systems with storage tanks. When the system ages or is not properly serviced the natural minerals that flow in the water can harden and develop deposits. When these deposits form they can also break the glass lining which can lead to water leaking from the tank. Also, if cracks develop in general, such as external damages, these will lead to further leaks. When the storage tank is cracked or damaged then the most cost effective solution is to replace the whole tank. This is also because glass liners are unable to be repaired so the only option would be to replace the system. If the leak does not cause serious issues, such as water damage or a rise in water bills, then keeping the system can be an option until replacements are required.

Excessive Pressure

When there is excessive pressure inside of the water heater tank this can cause leaks. The external water supply that is coming into the tank might be coming in at excessive pressure. This excessive pressure can negatively impact the water tank, stressing parts of the system and can eventually lead to water leaks. The Thermal Expansion Valve, or the Pressure Relief Valve, being blocked or have the wrong setting often causes the pressure imbalances. 

Improper Draining

Improper draining in the water tank has the potential to create leaks. When the water cannot drain from the tank correctly it will ultimately leak out of the tank. It is important that the draining part of the water heater tank is secured to prevent the water from leaking out. 

Loose Fixtures

Similar to the draining issues, any loose fixtures or parts within the water tank can cause water to leak out. When the fixtures or parts are loose, such as connection points, water can seep through and leak out of the system. Joints, plumbing pipes and drain valves are also common fixtures or parts that when broken or loose can create leaks. 

What To Do When There is a Water Heater Leak?

There are three main tasks to do when a hot water heater leak is occurring:

Locate the Leak

Finding the leak can mean small adjustments can be made and a plumber might not be needed. These are only small issues but most times water heater damages will result in a plumber repairing or replacing the system. Most times though leaks indicate a problem that is often unrepairable and replacing the system is needed. First check the pressure of the water tank and if it is not correct adjusting it can help. Lifting up the pressure valve a few times to clear any blockages can also stop the leak. Looking at any loose joints or valves that might be leaking water and can be tightened should occur. If the leak’s origins cannot be found or if the leak cannot be repaired by an untrained plumber then move to the next step. 

Turn Off the Main Water Supply Valve

To prevent any further water leaks, or potential gas leaks if the system is gas powered, turn off the water valve of the heater. This should be on the inlet pipe connected to the heater, and if needed, also turn off the gas main supply. If the leak is large then it might also be beneficial to turn off the main water supply to the home.

Contact and Emergency Plumber

Contacting an emergency plumbing service is important when there is a leak with the hot water system. Repairing or replacing the water heater should only be done by a licensed plumber to repent issues and defects. Replacing the hot water system will often occur when there is a leak with the heater as repairs are either more expensive or not possible. Replacing the hot water heater is also beneficial over repairs, such as a bigger sized system, a different type or be convenient during a renovation

Hot Water Heater Leak? Contact Emergency Plumbers Today!

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with 24 hour emergency plumbers to professional handle a water heater leak. Our fully qualified plumbers will repair or replace the water heater and deal with leaks properly. We swiftly and professionally perform hot water services while always operating safely during the service.  We offer hot water heater leak repairs and other hot water system services to all Sydney areas, including Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire. Our Blocked Drain services are also here at all times whichever there is a blockage in any plumbing system and needs urgent attention.  For the best water heater leak and general hot water system services – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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