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Why Is Water Coming Out Of My Drain?

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Water coming out of drains often occurs from a blockage in some part of the plumbing system. From the traps to the vent pipes, clogs will often stop water from properly flowing within drains. This leads to water coming back up from the drain and can cause major plumbing and health issues. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain plumbers will stop water flowing out of drains and resolve blockages quickly. 

The main reasons why water is coming out of the drain is from a blockage in the trap, main plumbing lines, main drain or vent pipe. To deal with standing water removing the water can be done by unblocking the drain, such as using chemicals or plungers. Handling the plumbing problem needs to be done carefully to ensure all the clogs can be dealt with as soon as possible.

What are the Reasons Why Water is Coming Out of my Drain?

One of the most common reasons why water flows back from drains is from blockages in plumbing. The clog can form in different parts of the plumbing and easily cause water to flow out of the drain. Bathroom and kitchen sinks are the main plumbing systems that experience water flowing back from the plumbing. The most common blockage problems that cause water to not flow correctly down a drain but resurfaces are:


Clogged Sink Trap

In both bathroom and kitchen sinks the traps, such as the p or s trap, are important for preventing smells and bacteria from coming back into the building. There is always a certain amount of water present in the trap which prevents the smells and gases from coming back into the room. The main causes for the traps to become blocked are often hair, soap, food chunks and dirt.

Soap that flows down the pipes may become stuck from being too clunky or can build up and cause a blockage. Hair can be caught with the soap and create a further blockage in the traps and not allow water to flow through properly. 

In kitchen sinks, food that should have been disposed of differently may be too large and not flow out of the trap correctly. Whatever the contents blocking the traps the water may not be able to flow down the plumbing correctly and lead to it flowing back into the sink. 


Clogged Main Drain and Pipe Line

Clogs inside of the main drains and pipes of bathroom and kitchen sinks can lead to items flowing back up. Instead of the traps, the clog may be further down the piping system or close to the opening of the drain. Here are some of the main blockages that cause water to flow back up into the drain:

  • Hair – hair can easily quickly build up inside bathroom drains and cause a clog in the plumbing. From close to the drain opening or further down the pipe, hair is a common blockage. Hair can also cause other substances, such as soap, to become stuck and create more difficult to break blockages.
  • Food – food that is disposed of through the sink can easily cause a clog and prevent water from flowing down the system. From small chunks to whole foods, it is important that food is not disposed of through the sink. Food blockages can quickly escalate and be a major plumbing issue.
  • Fats, Oil and Grease – similar to foods, when fats, oils and greases are poured down the sink this can lead to blockages. The more that is poured means the higher the chance they become stuck and create a difficult blockage. To prevent water from coming out of the sink fats, oils and grease should be disposed of properly. 
  • Soap – using soap is often safe for the plumbing system but there is the chance soap scum builds up and prevents water from flowing through. Soap can also combine with hair in bathroom drains or food in kitchen drains to create larger blockages.


Blocked Vent Pipe

Plumbing fixtures have a vent pipe to ensure the system can use air to keep the plumbing lines flowing correctly. The chance that insects or other creatures build nests inside the vent pipes can occur. When this happens and they create the pipe in their home this means that air cannot correctly enter the plumbing system. This causes water to flow not as smoothly or quickly and the chance that water may drain slowly or reappear in the drain. 


How Do I Get Rid of Standing Water in a Drain?

Standing water in a drain, often the bathroom or kitchen sink, is caused by the water not being able to flow through correctly. This is most likely from a blockage that causes the water to rise up outside the drain. The best ways to fix standing water problems and also a blocked drain are:

  1. Remove any water that is standing using a bucket before trying to deal with the blockage
  2. Clogs that are reachable by hand should be taken out first, such as hair close to the drain
  3. Pour into the drain half a cup of baking soda then one cup of vinegar and let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes
  4. Pour a litre of boiling water into the drain and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, if the pipes are made of PVC pour hot water instead
  5. If the blockage is there utilise a plunger, read our blog ‘how to use a sink plunger’ for more detailed steps
  6. After the plunger method was applied run water to see if it rises back up again, if so contact a professional plumber for help


Trusted Emergency Plumbers in Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help with blocked drain issues day or night with our Emergency Plumber services. Working 24 hours a day, our fully qualified plumbers will ensure that drains with standing water or water flowing back into the drain will be repaired quickly. Each highly skilled plumber will arrive on time and work efficiently to ensure the plumbing problem is fixed as soon as possible.

Our team will resolve water flowing back into drains in all areas, including Hills District and South Western Sydney. We also offer other plumbing and emergency services, such as working with hot water systems, pipe relining and water leaks. For professional blocked drain and emergency plumbing services in Sydney – always rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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