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ZIPTap vs Australian Brand Water Filters

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A part of some kitchen plumbing installation jobs is the inclusion of a water filtration system. The ZIP Tap is a great tap system that offers filtered drinking water within the kitchen sink. Other water filter brands, such as Billi and BRITA, are also great to be installed to provide safe water. Optimised Plumbing Services offers trusted Emergency Plumber services where we will be able to install any water filters during a kitchen plumbing installation. 

With kitchen plumbing installation there are many models of tap water filters to choose from. ZIP, Billi and BRITA are all reliable brands of water filtration companies that provide a wide range of models. Each water filter company and tap models have their own positives while all provide high quality water and aesthetic designs.

What are Some Water Filters in Australia?

There are many reliable water filter brands and systems that should be considered during a kitchen plumbing installation. Below is a guide on the different water filter systems that can be installed to provide safe drinking water:

Water Filter Brand Example Water Filter Model Positives
Zip Zip HydroTap The Zip HydroTap filters as much as 1/5000th of a millimetre of dirt particles and other contaminants. The taste, smell and presence of chloride and bacteria will be removed while fluoride remains. This type of tap is also able to provide sparkling, still, boiling and chilled water easily. 
BRITA BRITA On Tap This type of water filter is installed on the existing tap and will save time installing it as it is easy to do. The device is also space saving and is easy to switch from filtered water back to simple tap water. 99% of bacteria will be removed by the BRITA On Tap and filters are easily replaceable. 
Billi Billi B-4000 with XL Levered Dispenser This tap provides both still and boiling water and is great for places where food is often prepared. The water that comes out of this filter tap system tastes and is clean. The actual tap is also easy to install and to use while having a simple design. 
BRITA BRITA waterbar WB 3030 The waterbar has a sleek aesthetic and can be installed into modern kitchens and blend well. There are two levers fitted to allow easy access to the filtered water and the standard sink water. The water filter cartridge is located under the sink and there will be an indicator that will alert when it needs replacing. The tap filters the highest quality water and the filter will last for a long amount of time. 
Billi Billi B-5000 Sparkling with XL Levered Dispenser This water filter tap provides sparkling water and also instant boiled and chilled filtered water. It is great for homes and especially with large numbers of people supplying instant fresh water. The design is streamlined and elegant and the tap is simple to install and utilise. 

Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Water Filter System?

The type of filter will influence if a plumber will need to install the water filter. Small filters, including jugs, countertops and on tap filters, will often not need a plumber due to their simple design. Whole house water filters will definitely need a qualified plumber to ensure that each tap that will have filtered water is correctly fitted.

Under the sink water filtration systems that contain a filter cartridge can be installed by a plumber or by anyone. The main steps with installing a filter where the cartridge is under the sink involve:

  1. Drilling a hole into the countertop where the filtered tap will be installed and making sure it is the perfect size
  2. Installing the new tap fixture which could be a filter tap or a tap with both filtered and non-filtered options
  3. Connecting all the pipes of the water filter cartridge, tap and the t-piece 
  4. Ensuring the water flows correctly and that the water is filtered properly as well

For a more in-depth explanation of how to install a water filtration system under the sink, our blog provides more details. 

Trusted Plumbers helping with Kitchen Plumbing Installation

Optimised Plumbing Services has years of experience helping residents of Sydney with their kitchen plumbing installation. Our services range from installing appliances and plumbing, especially helping with water filtration systems. Working 24 hours a day, we will be able to help install the water filter that will remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. 

Each emergency plumber will operate with kitchen plumbing installation and repair work across Sydney, including South Sydney and Northern Beaches. We are also experts with Blocked Drain issues and will always effectively clear drains of any clog. 

For the best plumbers to help work with kitchen plumbing installation and work with water filters – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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