Enquire below & our Sydney Plumbers will get back to you within 30 Minutes or Less!
Enquire below & our Sydney Plumbers will get back to you within 30 Minutes or Less!


The team at Optimised Plumbing Services are experienced and licensed in all types of gas fitting services and appliances, from Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to Natural gas (NG) the technicians adhere to a strict safety protocol when it comes to handling delicate gas issues.

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services have the quality service of fitting gas systems within your home or work. We have been working for 20 years as a trusted business which allows us to perform greater quality of work than other companies. It is as important to us as it is to you that your gas systems are installed correctly and in the safest way possible. As a result, our gas fitting services are highly valued by our clients and known as one of the best within Sydney. We have the needed qualifications and licenses to work in all types of buildings and on all ranges of gas fitting jobs.


A gas fitter is a tradesmen who has received qualifications to work on gas appliances. This can include all operations of work, such as installation, replacement, maintenance or repairs. A licenced gas fitter can also be a plumber as well. To explain, a plumber may further their certifications and training to work in this trade. Consequently, this is what we have done at Optimised Plumbing Services with our plumbers having the qualification to work with gas operations. Additionally, sometimes a job requires that the gas fitter has plumbing certifications/ experience as there may be the need for having the skills of both trades. This can be applied to situations, for example, when working with/ repairing hot water systems that are gas powered – combination of both plumbing and gas.

Continuing on, gas fitting can be completed on any appliances which use gas. For instance, refrigeration, lighting, power or heating devices. However, due to the extreme danger of working in gas, it is important that the gas fitter practices the work with safe measures. When working on gas pipes, appliances and connections, trained gas fitters will importantly ensure proper ventilation is always included. There is no appliance which we are not able to repair, install or work on due to our expertise. That is to say, we are the best for gas fitting in Sydney for the amount of quality work and effort we apply to all jobs.


As our plumbers all have the licence and correct qualifications of a gas fitter, we can as a result perform these tasks:

  • Gas conversions and gas connections
  • Issuing gas compliance certificates
  • Adjusting the pressure of gas in devices
  • Repairing gas leaks and testing the repair
  • Installing gas bottles
  • Repairing and installing hot water systems that are gas powered
  • Gas fuel appliances being serviced / adjusted for improvements
  • Repairing any damage to gas devices/ appliances
  • Installing gas pipes, meters, bayonets and any other gas fittings
  • In both domestic and commercial settings, installing gas appliances, such as heaters, ovens, stovetops and fireplaces

Evidently, we are able to perform a variety of jobs as a result of our qualification and training. With our licence we have required we always safely perform jobs. Moreover, this certification enables us to work on both natural gas and also liquified petroleum gas (LPG). both residential and commercial buildings are available for us to work in as well. There is no job that we cannot perform, as a result, we are the most recommended for gas fitting jobs.


If you need qualified local gas fitters to work on your needs, we are the best in Sydney. We have all the qualifications and necessary insurance/ license to work on all types of gas fitting jobs. Likewise, this experience carries over to us being able to install, replace and perform all tasks in both residential and commercial buildings. Our team can work efficiently as one or as a group depending on the size of the location. Guaranteed, if the chance that you need immediate work that requires a gas fitter we offer expert emergency plumber services and blocked drain repairs. In other words, we will be there to your location and do whatever you need us to do in the shortest amount of time. Most importantly, we are affordable with our rates which are combined with our quality service. You will, above all, have your needs of a gas fitter be met with at an expert level. No job will be performed poorly, however, it will be completed in the best way possible. Contact us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at for granted exceptional service.