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What are Electric Hot Water Systems?

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer Sydney professional electric hot water system services. Our licensed plumbers will be able to perform a variety of plumbing services related to electric hot water units. From repairing broken systems to installing new models, our plumbers are here to work with any electric hot water heaters in Sydney. 

Electric hot water systems are a type of hot water unit that heats water for a building using electrical power. There are two main types of hot water systems, being instant hot water and storage tanks systems. Electric hot water systems are the more common hot water system within Australia. Gas hot water systems are also common but since fewer people have a gas storage tank or access to gas power electric systems are used.

What are the Different Types of Hot Water Systems?

Electric hot water systems come in two main types and people can choose which one to install. 

Instantaneous electric hot water systems heat water as it passes through the system and the unit itself is often smaller. Using electric hot water tanks has water stored in a larger tank and the water will be heated and insulated. 

Electric hot water heaters can also be used within heat pumps and solar hot water systems. This is to act as a backup or overall boost the efficiency of the unit by having electrical power.

To know more about the different types of hot water systems we encourage reading our blog that provides more detailed information.

Electric Hot Water System Installation

Installing electric hot water systems is a simple process that will most times take a few hours to complete. To ensure the installation process is efficient proper planning is needed. Knowing where the system will be installed, the type of model and how much of the home is using the hot water system is required. 

Electric hot water systems are the most simple to install compared to other systems of hot water systems. This is because it requires an electric power supply source to be connected to the unit. The size of the tank or unit will influence how difficult the installation is as well as where the system is being installed. 

Our plumbers make sure that the whole process of installing the electric hot water heater is performed swiftly. Through using all the planning and out experience the unit is installed in place, connected to the power supply and works throughout the home to provide hot water properly. 

Google Rating
Based on 152 reviews

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

When performing our electric hot water system repairs we will ensure that the unit is operated on safely. Our team understands how to repair any issue that the hot water system is experiencing. The most common problems an electric hot water system experiences and we repair are:

  • Water too hot or too cold – a problem with the hot water system can be that the water becomes too hot or cold and will not change. The thermostat of the electric hot water unit may be faulty or set to the incorrect temperature. 
  • No hot water – when no hot water flows this means that there is an issue with the pipework coming from the unit to the home. Sediment or calcium buildup or rusty pipes may affect the flow of hot water around the building. Another reason there is no hot water may be due to a leak in the hot water system. 
  • Unusual noises – boiling noises that come from the hot water unit are often not a good sign. When these sounds are happening there might be pressure building up or the system is overheating. Hissing noises that come from the hot water unit might indicate water sediment or scale present in the unit. 
  • Bursts of water – if a large amount of water bursts from the relief valve of the hot water system it should be repaired as soon as possible. The temperature could be too high and the relief valve might be under too much pressure.
  • Hot water issues – if the water that comes from the electric hot water system is dirty, smelly or rusty then the anode rod or the tank may be to blame. A buildup of bacteria may also be the cause for the water to not be as healthy as it should. 
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Trusted Sydney Electric Hot Water Systems Services

Optimised Plumbing Services offers our trusted electric hot water systems services to Sydney locals of Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers are here to repair and install any electric hot water unit in any home or building. Each plumber will arrive on time and utilise the best techniques to install the system correctly. When repairing we make sure to carry out numerous tests to guarantee that the issue is fixed properly. 

No matter the type of electric hot water system service we utilise the most effective techniques and operate safely. We work across all of Sydney, including North Shore and South Sydney, to install, repair, service and maintain electric hot water units. We are also professional Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drain experts providing a wide range of other services. For the best plumbers to work with electric hot water systems in Sydney – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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