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Optimised Plumbing Services offers Sydney with professional shower repairs and services. Our team is licensed and insured to work on all shower types to resolve any issues. From operating with the tiles and waterproofing to fixing a broken showerhead, we are always here to help. With our emergency plumber services, we are able to perform shower bathroom repairs at any time if necessary!

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Leaky Shower?

A shower repair service’s costs can vary depending on the amount of work and type of jobs included.  A leaking shower faucet is the most common problem, ranging from approximately $150-$450* to repair. The minimum to repair a leak is $60 and can rise up to $600 depending on the damage. 

Should I Replace or Repair my Leaking Shower Faucet?

At times, especially during bathroom renovations, the question to repair or replace your shower faucet often arises. There are many pros and cons to both replacing and repairing the faucet which will be heavily influenced based on your personal preferences. 

Option Pros Cons
Repairs Approx $60-$330* No additional wall tiles or repairs, no design clashes or issues and less expensive Some faucets are unrepairable, there is no warranty coming from older ones, more work involved and problems can still arise in the future
Replacement: Approx $600-$950 Upgrade opportunity, warranty on the faucet and potentially the plumber and newer facets are often easier to repair More expensive, wall supports may be needed. bathroom design could be different and tiles might need to be added

*These are all approximate figures and can vary significantly based on your plumbing needs. For a more accurate and in-depth quote, please contact one of our friendly plumbers*

Is it Bad to Have a Leaky Shower?

Leaking showers can be more serious than they may appear.  Common issues include:

  • The water bill will increase as there is water constantly dripping from the showerhead
  • With the leak, the plumbing system will be constantly working which will cause added stress leading to future problems
  • Water damage is common as the leak may leak onto the walls and floors and other areas, causing structural damage and mold to form

Why is my Shower Leaking?

The more common reasons why a shower may be leaking is from the:

  • Faucet – erosion, wash or o-ring defects, o-ring incorrectly installed or diverter valve issues
  • Showerhead – clogged water holes or head gasket issues
  • Valve – water flow disruptions, worn rings, valve seat, spring, shower seal or washers or thermostatic cartridge defects

What are Some Common Shower Issues?

A shower can experience a large range of issues that will need to be repaired by a professional plumber. Based on our professional day-day experience, the most common shower problems that we encounter are:

Clogs in the shower drain and the showerhead are common issues. Hair, soap and products can become stuck in the shower drain and the showerhead can be blocked from other items. For tips on how to unclog the showerhead our blog article provides expert steps in unblocking any showerhead.

High pressure or low pressure issues can be caused by the faucet and a new one will need to be installed. A showerhead might also be faulty which causes inadequate pressure to occur.

A faucet that leaks can be from the seals, rings or gaskets. These will often need to be replaced where a plumber will complete the service efficiently. 

If the shower is noisier than usual then a plumber will have to look to determine the issue. Often it is because a part of the shower is not connected correctly and makes noises as it is not secured.

Bad smells from the shower are often caused by clogs or a buildup of mould. Ventilating the bathroom is important and a plumber will need to address the issue correctly.

Can I Waterproof my Shower without Removing Tiles?

Waterproofing can be completed without the need to remove the tiles on the floor or wall. Waterproofing might need to occur after a new renovation or if there have been any repairs done to the shower. The grout deteriorated sealants will need to be removed with the tiles being cleaned. A professional and fully qualified plumber should carry out this process to make sure it is correctly completed.

Trusted Sydney Shower Repairs and Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is the one to trust to perform leaking shower repairs Sydney wide and carry out other types of services. Our team will know how to efficiently repair the shower, no matter the part of the shower or the difficulty of the job. We work in both residential and commercial properties to operate on showers professionally.

Each of our plumbers has over 20 years of experience performing shower repairs across Sydney, including the North Shore and South Sydney. We are also Blocked Drain experts, having the experience to understand how to clear any blockage from any plumbing system, including shower drains. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now on 0411 217 174 for professional and reliable shower repairs! 


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