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6 Common Plumbing Problems

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In summer people will often experience common plumbing problems. This is because of the changes in weather causing people to alter how people use their plumbing systems and appliances. Optimised Plumbing Services with our Emergency Plumber team have helped Sydney with these common plumbing problems for over 15 years. We understand why they occur and our professional plumbers use the best methods to efficiently resolve them. The six most common plumbing problems which people deal with in summer are:
  • Blocked Kitchen Sinks and Garbage Disposals
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Sewer Lines Backing Up
  • Sump Pump Concerns 
  • Slow Draining or Clogged Showers 
  • Increasing Water Bills

Blocked Kitchen Sinks and Garbage Disposals

With more barbeques and family dinners there will often be more cooking in summer. With this comes food scraps which can be pushed down into the sink and garbage disposal. Such as corn to bones or fruit, these items should not go down the sink or garbage disposal. Also, oil and grease are common factors which lead to kitchen sinks becoming blocked. With food scraps, it is important to know what can go within the garbage disposal and what should be in the trash. Additionally, when a garbage disposal is not present, ensuring o food scraps enter the kitchen sink plumbing is important. A plumbing tip with garbage disposals is to run cold water for ten seconds before and after using it. This will help with keeping the system cleared, and also make sure to have the correct scraps disposed of properly. 

Clogged Toilets

With the family often home more within summer, a common plumbing problem is that the toilet becomes blocked more easily. Children using more toilet paper then they should to wipes and other blockage items being flushed down the toilet. These are common factors which lead to toilets becoming more blocked within summer. A running toilet might also happen from the amount of flushing happening or from blockages. Ensuring to clear the blocked toilet quickly is important to prevent larger issues. Also, making sure that the right items are flushed down the toilet is important. Wipes, dental floss, bandages and paper towels are some of the main items which people flush down the toilet. These easily create clogs and can be hard and costly to resolve if the issue is extreme.    

Sewer Lines Backing Up

Summer will bring more rain which can cause the sewer lines to experience issues. The dry ground with its loose soil will run within pipes when rain mixes with it. Also, tree roots might grow and break the pipes underground which is a major issue. These blocked drainage problems are more common in summer as there is more rain. When these issues occur with the sewage lines the best step to take is to call a professional. 

Sump Pump Concerns 

Basements, cellars or underground levels are more likely to flood during heavy rain. With summer bringing in more rain, the chance of the lower floors flooding increases. A sump pump is installed to combat this problem. The sump pump might have experienced some sort of defect while in winter when it was not working. This has people forget to inspect their sump pump to ensure it works. A sump pump which is not working correctly will find it hard to control the heavy water flow and might cause the floor to flood. Making sure to inspect the pump before the summer or rainy season is important. This is because if a plumbing repair is needed it can be done before the heavy rain starts. A plumber can also be called to perform plumbing inspections if needed to guarantee that the sump pump is working. 

Slow Draining or Clogged Showers 

Similar to the kitchen sink, the shower is used more in summer with people taking more showers. More people at home as well will increase the number of showers taken during the day. This means that there is an increase chance of a blocked shower drain developing. Hair, grease, oil and other clogs can cause the shower to become blocked easily. Additionally, sand might also be a factor which will increase the chance of a shower blockage. Keeping the system cleared and regularly cleaning it is important during summer to prevent large-scaled blockages. For more information on unblocking showers, read our blog ‘9 ways to fix a blocked shower drain’ for effective methods. 

Increasing Water Bills

People might often notice that their water bill has increased over the summer. This is often from a mix of common plumbing issues to changes in how people use plumbing appliances and systems. Leaking pipes can often increase the water bill with the excess water coming out of the pipe. A leaky pipe can be caused by rust, tree roots, old age and other factors.Dripping faucets and taps can lead to an increase in the water bill as well. Using appliances, such as washing machines, sprinklers, hoses and more will mean more water is being used. Summer will mean that water is needed more which will result in the water bill increasing.Looking our for plumbing issues to changing how much water is used will help decrease the water bill during summer periods. Regularly inspecting the plumbing and drainage systems to altering how much water is used will be helpful.  

Trusted Plumbing Problems Repair Services

For every person in Sydney dealing with these common plumbing problems Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help. Our emergency plumbers can work at any time to resolve these plumbing problems effectively. Each fully qualified plumber knows how to handle each situation and resolve the problem quickly. We work at any time and have the knowledge to easily deal with the common plumbing problems.Working all over Sydney, including Greater Western Syndey and the Northern Beaches, we arrive on time and work fast. Our Blocked Drain plumbers are here as well to help with the common blockages faced in the suburbs. For trusted help with plumbing problems at any time – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at!

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