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Benefits Of High Pressure Drain Cleaning

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High pressure drain cleaning is a type of drain cleaning and blocked drain removal method plumbers use. It is also called hydro jetting and there are many benefits when plumbers utilise this method. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain plumbers will perform High pressure drain cleaning to clean out drains anywhere in Sydney.

The main benefits of high pressure drain cleaning are:

  • More effective at clearing the inside of drains and pipe
  • Will clear drains faster than other drain cleaning methods
  • More cost effective than other drain cleaning services
  • Better for the environment to use the high pressured water
  • Most efficient at cleaning drainage lines
  • It will help clean out bad smells and odours from the drains

What is High Pressure Drain Cleaning?

High pressure drain cleaning, otherwise called hydro jetting, is where a hose with an adjustable nozzle is placed inside a drain to shoot high pressure water to break apart any clogs and clean the interior walls of the pipe. The main types of clogs that hydro jetting is used against are grease and oil, mineral scale and deposit, debris and items and also tree roots and vegetation 

What are the Main Benefits of High Pressure Drain Cleaning?

The main positives than come from choosing high pressure drain cleaning over other drain cleaning and blocked drain removal methods are:


There are many methods to clear out a blocked drain and hydro jetting does an effective job at that. The water releases at a high pressure and pushes any clog inside the drain out of the system. A flexible hose is placed into the drain and this has an adjustable nozzle. The high pressure stream of water can clear out hair, oil, grease, dirt, tree roots and other types of clogs. Most other blocked drain removal techniques require a few repeats of the process to be effective. High pressure drain cleaning will a majority of the time be effective enough to do it once. The water is spun in many directions when it is blasted which means the blockage is hit directly at different angles.


Hydro jetting techniques work quickly and are much faster at clearing out blockages than other methods. Most times other methods require there to be preparation and multiple attempts to clear the blockage. High pressure drain cleaning will blast water at rapid speeds in comparison. This type of drain cleaning using high pressure water is much more time efficient for the plumber and property owner. 

Cost Effective

To clear out a blockage it can often not be a cheap service due to the labour and time involved. Hydro jetting methods High pressure drain cleaning services are often the most economical drain cleaning jobs though. This is because there is not as much heavy labour or equipment involved and because not as much time is spent to complete the service. 

Environmentally Friendly

Using hydro jetting techniques is more eco friendly because there are no harsh chemicals that enter the drain. Harsh cleaning agents that are used to clear out blockages are not good for the environment as they can toxic the water. If these chemicals are in the drains and backup occurs in the home then if a person had to use or touch this water then it can also be bad for their health. Hydro jetting only requires water therefore it is much safer for the environment and also for people.


High pressure drain cleaning is both practically efficient and time efficient at clearing out blockages. When mineral deposits, soap, grease and other items block drains the hydro jetting method can efficiently push through the clog. Even the most difficult and stubborn clogs will often be broken by the high pressure drain cleaning technique. This means that it is overall more efficient in terms of costs, time and power at clearing blockages. 

Removes Odours

Since blockages can cause foul smells to form, high pressure drain cleaning will also remove these smells because the clog is dealt with. Clearing out the blockage using the high pressured water will result in the blockage and smell being removed. 

Expert Sydney High Pressure Drain Cleaning Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to perform professional high pressure drain cleaning services for all locals of Sydney. Our team is fully qualified to handle hydro jetting tools and knows the professional ways to use them to clear a blockage. We are quick to work and operate safely to ensure that the hydro jetting service is performed correctly. Our Emergency Plumber team are here to perform high pressure drain cleaning services for all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney. For reliable high drain pressure drain cleaning services – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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