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Optimised Plumbing Services provides the best and valued facilities on blocked drain support within the suburbs of the Eastern Suburbs. Being directly east and south-east of Sydney’s CBD, the Eastern Suburbs surround the main city and contain numerous beaches, parks and modern homes. The landmarks of the area include the large Bondi Junction, Maroubra, North Randwick and Double which holds hundreds of shops and businesses. Also, the most famous beach in Australia, Bondi Beach, is within the Eastern Suburbs, as well as Coogee Beach and Bronte Beach. 

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Additionally, there are a lot of built up areas where homes are located or developed beautifully. Such as, clifftop homes in Vaucluse, Dover Heights housing multiple apartments on cliff tops and Double Bay having numerous large homes. Lastly, the University of NSW is located in the Eastern Suburbs, which is one of Australia’s leading universities. As well as the  historic Sydney Roosters of the NRL represents the Eastern Suburbs since 1908. As of any suburb, the chance of blocked drains in homes and buildings can occur. Thus, Optimised Plumbing Services makes certain that those within the Eastern Suburbs can have quality support when their drains and pipes become clogged.

Our experience at Optimised Plumbing Services has allowed us to develop successfully into a blocked drain specialist company who can solve all issues. We identify the specific clog type within your pipes. Then, we place certain methods and procedures to remove the contents. As such, we can identify if your drains are full of hair, food or grease. As well as, small objects, mineral build up, tree root obstruction or whatever else. With these and others we apply the best solution to unblock the drain. Procedures, for example CCTV, spinning coils or hydro-jet, will be applied. The technique is chosen from the least time consuming to the most and also damage wise. This is to ensure that your blocked drain is restored as soon as possible. 


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Having a blocked shower drain can stop you from washing yourself. Experiencing a blocked sewer nearby smells terrible. Using a blocked kitchen sink is bad for washing up and cooking. No matter the drain, we can work on all different types of situations. Moreover, this extends to our ability and certification to work in all residential and commercial buildings. Overall, wanting a blocked drain plumber to help you eliminate all the gunk and negatives of a blocked drain, we are the best for you issues. 

If your sink, shower, toilet or other appliances become blocked, Optimised Plumbing Services is the best for unclogging blocked drain contents. Within any location in the Eastern Suburbs, you will know that our tradesmen are the best in the business. If it is in the case of an emergency, we offer 24/7 emergency plumber services, reaching to the Eastern Suburbs, if the chance that you need your drains immediately unclogged. Call us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at so we can work in your place to remove the gunk and grime from your drains.

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