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Cold Water Not Coming Out Of The Shower?

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Having no cold water for the shower can be just as bad as having no hot water in the home. It is a good idea to check other water taps to determine if the no cold water issue is with the supply line or just with the shower. To fix the problem when it is just the shower often means replacing the cartridge of the shower. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team are here to perform shower repairs and other emergency plumbing services. 

When no cold water comes out of the shower first check other taps and systems. If no cold water comes out of them then there could be an issue with the water supply system, such as frozen pipes or blockages disrupting water flow. If the shower is the only system not receiving cold water then changing the pressure balancing valve, or shower faucet valve cartridge, will often resolve the problem.

What To Do When I Have No Cold Water?

The main steps to follow when cold water is not coming out of the shower are:

Inspect Water Line

Water comes through the home through the water supply line from the water main. It then goes out to the hot water heater and another to the appliances which use cold water. If both hot and cold water are not working then a plumber should be contacted to resolve the issue. If the hot water works fine then the problem of no cold water can be slimmed down for the possible causes. 

Check the Other Faucets

When there is no cold water from the shower it is important to check the other facets of the home. This is to ensure that before work is done singularly on the shower if there is a problem with the cold water and it impacts all other systems it can be resolved first. Check the other water taps and appliances that use cold water to see if they can access it. If there is no cold water then there could be two main issues causing cold water to not be accessible around the home:

  1. Frozen Pipes – at times the water pipes that lead to sinks and other areas can have water frozen inside of them. Frozen sections of the pipe will mean that water cannot travel to the faucet or appliance. 
  2. Blocked Drain – blockages can be caused by debris and many other items and can easily clog up the system to prevent water from flowing within it. 
  3. Shut-off Valve – checking to see if the shut-off valve was accidentally turned off which is why the cold water has stopped working is important. The shut-off valve under the sink or appliance or the main valve of the home should be inspected to see if it needs to be turned on again.

If these do not work then an emergency plumber should be contacted to deal with the blockage, frozen pipe or other issues. If cold water travels to these systems and appliances but the shower has no water then dealing with the shower separately is needed. Also, if needing help with handling blockages, read our blog ‘8 tips for clearing a blocked drain’.

Replace Shower Cartridge

The pressure balancing valve is the most likely cause of there being no cold water available to the shower. These valves are needed for the water pressure and the ratio of hot and cold water that will flow from the showerhead. Over time these can become corroded while minerals can build up inside of them which damages the cartridge. The less the shower is used and the more the showerhead is not cleaned or maintained means the chance of this happening increases. 

How Do I Replace the Shower Cartridge?

  1. Remove the old showerhead and purchase a new cartridge that will fit and work in the existing shower. If needed, take the old showerhead and cartridge to the hardware store and ask advice on which one to replace it with.
  2. Once the new shower cartridge has been purchased and at home turn off the main water supply to the shower.
  3. Cover up the shower drain in case any screws or items fall into the drain.
  4. Remove the existing showerhead as well as any other trim plates or metal covers.
  5. Take a photo of the inside of the showerhead body for future reference when it comes to reassembly. 
  6. Within the existing showerhead dissolve any mineral buildup or dirt using a commercial cleaner product.
  7. Use pliers to pull out the retainer clip and remove the old cartridge.
  8. Install the new cartridge using plumber’s grease or silicone, reinstall the valve stem, showerhead parts and retainer clip.
  9. Turn on the water to the shower and test to see if cold water and water in general can flow out of the showerhead.

Reliable Plumbers Here to Fix No Cold Water Problems

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to resolve any no cold water issues for any person in Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers will perform all the needed inspections to determine what is causing the cold water to not be present. We will utilise the best techniques and repair the issue swiftly and are guaranteed to have the cold water working correctly again.

Our emergency plumbing services, including repairing cold water problems, are available to everyone, including Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches. For cold water repairs, shower repairs and other plumbing services – trust Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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