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Downpipe Plumbing Repairs & Blockages

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Downpipes are responsible for transferring the water collected by the gutters to the stormwater drainage system. When these systems become blocked then rain will not be able to properly exit the building. Downpipe drain blockages are easy fixes and any person can perform them. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer expert Blocked Drain services, which includes reliably, swiftly and professionally cleaning clogged downpipes. 

There are two main ways to fix blocked downpipes, jet blasting techniques or a plumber’s snake tool. The hydro jetting technique involves using high pressurised water to push the clog out of the downpipe. The plumber’s snake tool is used to manually remove the blockage by breaking it from the downpipe.

What is a Downpipe in a House?

Downpipes that are used in buildings and homes are a part of the stormwater and roof drainage system. This system collects and diverts rain away from properties to prevent water damage. The stormwater systems consist of gutters, downspouts, pits, pipes and downpipes. Downpipes connect after the downspout and pit where the pipe transfers the water out of the property. Most times sewer drain systems are confused with guttering systems as one diverts rainwater while the other diverts sewage. 

Why is My Downpipe Blocked?

The main cause of downpipes becoming blocked is from leaves, sticks and other debris blocking them. Often after storms, downpipe plumbing problems or if the drainage system is old and needs replacing are when the gutters and downpipes experience blockages. When the gutters are not regularly cleaned and blocked gutters develop then the chance of the downpipe becoming clogged increases. 

The main damages that come from gutters and downpipes being blocked are that water cannot be diverted from the building. Water leaking through the walls and ceilings and then causing water damage is the consequence of not undergoing downpipe repairs and gutter replacements early. 

How Do You Unblock Downpipes?

To deal with the clogged downpipe there are two main methods to take.

High Water Pressure

  1. Remove the downspout, the pipe that runs on the side of the building off the gutters, to access the downpipe drainage system
  2. Use either a regular garden hose with a high water pressure option or a proper hydro jetting hose. When using a regular garden hose using or purchasing if need a high water pressure nozzle will be needed
  3. Insert the hose into the downpipe until it stops as this is often where the clog is
  4. Turn on the water and ensure it is at the highest setting to let the high pressure water clear the clog
  5. Look at where the downpipe drain finishes and see if the debris was successfully removed
  6. Perform a test by running normal pressure water down the pipe and see if the water smoothly exits the downpipe at the end 

Plumber’s Snake

  1. When the hose method does not work then using a plumber’s snake or auger will help. Insert the tool into the downpipe and feed it down until the snake stops at the blockage
  2. When the blockage has been found turn the handle for the tool to break at it
  3. Once the clog has been removed from the downpipe then test to see if it has worked by running water down it. If the water comes smoothly out of the end of the downpipe then the plumber’s snake tool has worked 

Why Do I Need Downpipe Repairs?

If the current downpipes are not in a good state then there are many issues that can occur from this. These drainage units are important in keeping stormwater away from the property and correctly diverting it. Erosion, old age, blockages and an overall bad condition of these pipes means the stormwater will not be able to correctly flow out of the area. Repairing the downpipe is often less expensive than replacing it but the damages need to be addressed early as major damages will be costly to repair. 

Preventing these damages to the drainage system will often happen if regular maintenance is organised. The plumber will perform inspections using CCTV cameras and other test methods. The downpipe’s overall condition and looking for blockages will be seen and if needed repaired early. It is also important to have the whole stormwater drainage system inspected to prevent major water damage from stormwater, such as finding damaged gutter parts or corroded downspouts. 

Professional Downpipe Services and Blocked Drain Plumber

Optimised Plumbing Services is the best when working with downpipes and also blocked drain issues. Our fully qualified plumbers know how to look for blockages and other damages inside the drains to then repair them correctly. We make sure the clogged drain is dealt with swiftly to ensure stormwater can easily flow out of the property.

We offer our downpipe and blocked drain services to all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Our Emergency Plumber team is also here to carry out immediate plumbing work at all times. 

For certified plumbers to repair, replace and install downpipes in your property at any time – contact Optimised Plumbing Services!

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