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How Do I Fix A Leaking Shower Head?

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A leaking showerhead should never be overlooked as it wastes water, money and can potentially cause water damage. Showerhead problems are a common type of shower repair plumbers perform to stop the showerhead from wasting water. When people do not contact a plumber however to stop the leak then the problem can escalate to more issues. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our licensed Sydney plumber team is fast to arrive and quick to fix any leaking showerhead.  

The best way to fix a leaking showerhead is to:

  • Turn off the main water supply to the shower
  • Remove the showerhead and clean it without removing the O-ring or  rubber washer
  • See if the O-ring or rubber washer needs replacing
  • Reattach the showerhead and turn back on the water to see if it still leaks
  • If there is still a leak then the shower valve may need replacing

How Do I Fix A Leaking Showerhead Optimised Plumbing Services Sydney


Why Do I Have a Leaking Shower head?

Leaking showerheads are caused by numerous different factors that cause water to leak from it. The showerhead may have a build up of dirt, limescale and other grime leading it to become blocked. Worn or damaged O-rings, washers and seals are also common reasons why the showerhead is leaking water. These prevent water from escaping the showerhead so when they are damaged water can leak. Damaged valves are another reason for the showerhead and shower to leak water. Most times cleaning or replacing these systems are the best ways to stop the leak. 


How Do I Stop a Leaking Shower head?

There are different methods to test to try and fix a leaking showerhead. Trying each one until the shower head stops leaking will need to be done to stop the issue from happening. It is important that while these steps are done that the water is shut off to prevent any from exiting while the shower-head and shower are being worked on. 


Cleaning or Replacing the Shower head

The shower-head might be the cause of the leak where it can be blocked, damaged, poorly installed or old. The water cannot travel properly out of the showerhead leading it to leak out of the bottom of the shower head. When this is the case then cleaning the shower-head faceplate can help. Submerge the faceplate or the whole shower-head in vinegar for eight hours to dissolve any debris that has built up in the holes. Once the showerhead or faceplate has been numbered for eight hours clear out the holes with water and a toothpick and reattach it. If the leak still occurs then the shower-head might need replacing or trying another method first will help.

For more information on how to clear out a blocked shower-head, our blog offers a more detailed method to try out!


Replacing the O-ring or Washer

Common parts of the shower-head that wear over time and need replacing are the O-ring or the shower washer. Either of these will be within the shower-head and also within taps or levers that are used to turn off and on the shower. If there is one lever then there will be one O-ring while if there are two then there will be two washers. 

When needing to replace them ensure the water supply is turned off and then remove the one that is located within the shower-head. Most times it will be behind a nut and simply remove it and replace it with the correct sized washer. If the leak still occurs with the shower-head washer being replaced then looking at other O-rings/ washers will be next.

Remove any of the taps or levers by unscrewing them and then access where the washer is located at. Replace the washer with the right sized one, connect back the lever or tap and see if the leak has gone away. If the leak problem is not with the washer then it might be with another part and other methods should be done. We encourage reading our blog on how to change a tap washer to know the best steps to follow to replace tap washers and alike. 


Replacing the Shower Valve

When cleaning the shower-head and replacing each washer does not stop the leak then replacing the shower/ cartridge valve should be tested. The cartridge is different for each tap system and most are located behind the shower-head and handle so they need to be removed first. They become damaged over time and will need to be replaced otherwise they can cause issues such as leaks. To replace them some can be as simple as removing a nut and replacing the valve while others need specialised tools to be replaced. 


Reliable Shower Repairs for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services offers fully qualified plumbers to resolve leaking shower-head and all other shower problems for Sydney locals. Our Emergency Plumber team are ready at any time to arrive fast and repair leaking or damaged shower-heads and showers. We have the experience to understand how to quickly find the source of the shower issue and then utilise the best techniques to resolve the problem efficiently. 

Our shower repair services are here for all of Sydney, including North Shore and South Sydney. We also offer professional Blocked Drain services where we are able to clear any drainage system of any blockage. For professional help with leaking shower-head concerns – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

No matter the Plumbing Issue, we have you covered!


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