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How Do Sewer Lines Become Damaged?

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The sewer line needs regular maintenance, too. It is not self-cleaning, nor can it repair itself when it gets damaged. This line transports wastewater from a property’s various pipes into the central sewer line, which will drain it into the municipal sewer system. Due to the vital role of this system, homeowners and businesses should pay extra attention in engaging emergency plumbers to repair and inspect their sewer lines when susestic issues arise At times, sewer lines can suffer from issues affecting their performance. Several factors could be behind damages to the sewer line. All of them are as threatening as the other in leaving irreparable and costly repairs, if not immediately given proper attention. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have the best blocked drain specialists who can help deal with this issue. We have spent years specialising in the upkeep and repair of sewer systems. 

What Are The Signs of a Broken Sewer Line?

As sewer lines are hidden away, it can be difficult for an untrained eye to spot damages. Various factors come into play when the sewer line breaks. When this happens, it is best to have a professional with the experience and a proven track record in keeping sewer lines functioning at their optimal state. Property owners must keep an eye for these signs if they are suspecting a damaged sewer line:

  • Foul smells – Bad odours are one of the easiest signs of a broken sewer line. With a broken sewer line, the smell of the wastewater and other substances will seep into the ground and cause a foul odour to occupy the lawn.
  • Persistent clogging – Multiple clogging in the property is another common indicator of a damaged sewer line. Most of the time, this clogging does not respond to common DIY fixes like plungers and baking soda and vinegar solutions.
  • Water stains in the basement – Homes and commercial properties with a basement can easily tell if there is damage in their sewer line if sewage backflow starts appearing in the basement. Water stains in this part of the property are a sign to reach out to a trusted blocked drain specialist.
  • Sewage odour from other drains – Most of the time, a smelly drain is how broken sewer lines are discovered. These foul odours are usually accompanied by gurgling in the drains. This reaction tells the property owner that sewage gases are being pushed up from the p-trap of the drainpipes.
  • Rats and other pests – With a smelly drain, it can attract rats and other pests into the property. A vermin in the basement or any part of the property usually is a tell-tale sign of a broken sewer line. 

Factors Behind a Break in the Sewer Line

Based on our professional daily experiences in serving Sydney locals, there are five common factors behind a broken sewer line:

  • GreaseCooking oil and other fatty material from food scraps and soaps might not be the first in mind when talking about clogging. However, fat and other greasy matter can easily solidify in the drainpipes. This matter usually sticks to the pipe walls and causes the blockage. 
  • Hair – The buildup of hair in the drain pipes is a sure formula for clogging. While a strand of hair alone cannot be responsible for such damage, accumulation of it down the pipes is enough to cause issues. 
  • Foreign objects – Nappies, soaps and sanitary products are usual items causing clogging and eventually breaking the sewer line. Toys and other small objects which can easily go down the drain are other factors that could cause damage to the sewer system.
  • Trees and leaves – Leaves and tree branches are the number one suspects in homes and commercial spaces where there are plenty of trees. Fallen leaves and tree branches can easily go down the drain and get stuck in the drainpipes, especially during autumn and cause immediate or delayed clogging.
  • Poor workmanship – Any substandard work can easily break. Due to the poor quality of work, it could easily suffer from damages and cause clogging. Materials used in the sewer line also contribute to the possibility of blockage. Clay pipes and other pipes made out of fragile materials have higher chances of breaking and causing damage to the sewer system.

What Happens if a Sewer Line Breaks?

Mould is the common side effect of having a broken sewer line. Water is guaranteed to seep once the sewer line gets damaged and it can reach nearby surfaces. Additionally, a damaged sewer line also brings in several health hazards. A broken sewer line can bring harmful bacteria into the property. E. coli, salmonella and pinworms are common bacteria found in raw sewage. Gases coming from the sewer system can also lead to gas poisoning, which can cause asphyxiation, respiratory problems and sore throat.

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When any signs of a damaged sewer line appear, it is best to reach out to a trusted blocked drain specialist. Blocked drains not only have the potential to damage structural material, but they could also bring a harmful impact on human health. Working with a plumber who has years of experience handling issues affecting the sewer system is a must, especially with a broken sewer line. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have the most qualified blocked drain plumbers in town. All have met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading and have been delivering work compliant with The Plumbing Code of Australia. We are experts in getting into the root cause and resolving all clogged drains, from blocked kitchen sinks to blocked gutters. With over two decades of experience combined with our knowledge, we are confident we can deliver high-quality plumbing services at all times. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to have the best plumber in Sydney fix your broken sewer pipe today!

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