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How To Unblock A Bathtub?

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A blocked bathtub can be easily dealt with by any person by following the right methods. Most times the bathtub will become blockage from hair, dirt and soap being caught in the drain. Dealing with the blocked bathtub is often simple due to the nature of the blockage. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Blocked Drain plumbers will reliable and swiftly deal with a blocked bathtub. 

To unblock a blocked bathtub:

  • Remove the drain stopper
  • Clear any hair using a durian claw or by hand
  • Deal with soap scum and dirt buildup using drain cleaners or natural cleaners
  • Run hot water down the bathtub drain to clear any further clog

What Causes a Blocked Bathtub?

A bathroom drain experiences blockages the most often out of other drains around the home. The bathtub also experiences blockages and are often similar to sink blockages and shower blockages. Hair often blocks the bathtub the most as it becomes caught at the drain opener or down in the pipe. Soap scum and also dirt and other debris can quickly build up in the bathtub drain which can cause clog bathtub drains. 

All these elements can combine at times and a larger clog forms which means unclogging the bathtub drain becomes harder. Most times to unclog the drain of the bathtub it is quite easy and any person can perform it. A plumber will be able to though perform the job faster and more reliably at unclogging the drain. 

How Do I Unclog a Blocked Bathtub?

The best way to deal with a blocked bathtub is:

  1. Remove the stopper – by removing the strainer or stopper it will be easier to access the clog. The piece is what sits on top of the drain and to remove the bathtub strainer it will be different from each tub. Some simply need to be wedged up but sometimes it may be harder to remove it. Most times following the instructions on how to remove the bathtub strainer will be helpful.
  2. Test water flow – testing the drain flow of the bathtub is next by running water down the drain. 
  3. Remove the clog – if the clog is within reach grab it by using a coat hanger wire, stick or similar tool. The debris and hair can also be removed by hand if it is in reach but make sure to wear gloves. If the bathtub is clogged further down the pipe a drain cleaner can be used to combat the clogged drain. 
  4. Drain cleaner – if a chemical drain cleaner has to be used make sure to follow the instructions. Pour it down slowly, allow it to work then pour water down the drain to see if the bathtub is clog free. Using baking soda and vinegar can be used to unclog the bathtub as well if needed.

How Do I Remove Hair from a Blocked Bathtub?

Hair is often the most common cause of a blocked bathtub so knowing how to remove it is important. The best method to follow to deal with hair blocked bathtub drains are:

  1. Remove the drain stopper or drain strainer to have access to the bathtub drain.
  2. Remove the hair – the hair can be caught on the strainer which can be easily removed by hand. Hair might also be near the top of the drain and by using a drain claw, coat hanger or similar tool. At times a drain cleaner might be required to dissolve the bathtub hair clog, make sure to follow the instructions.

How Do I Stop a Smelly Bathtub Drain?

Bathtub blockages can easily create a smelly drain issue which is never a wanted situation. The reasons why the bathtub drain smells are bacteria or mould growing inside due to the blockage. Odour-causing bacteria might be feeding on the debris that is clogged inside of the bathtub pipes and drain. With the inside of the bathtub drains being warm and wet it can lead to mould forming and also create a bad smell. 

To prevent the bathtub drain from smelling, ensuring the clog is removed fast will resolve this. Performing preventative methods will also guarantee that the bathtub drain will not clog. Combining a cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar regularly will help keep most of the bathtub durian clear of clogs. Pouring hot water first, pouring the two solutions in, waiting 15 minutes then running hot water again is the main method.

Reliable Blocked Bathtub Drain Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help any Sydney local with blocked bathtub issues at any time. Our fully qualified plumbers will use the most effective techniques to handle the bathtub blockage and ensure it is cleared fast. Each Emergency Plumber is available at any time of the day to ensure the bathtub clog is removed professionally. We are also able to clear any type of bathroom and house blockage as well fast. 

Our team is here for Sydney wide to handle bathtub blockages, including Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Greater Western Sydney.

For professional help with a blocked bathtub drain – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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