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Laundry Renovations – Everything You Need To Know

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Laundry renovations are exciting projects that will need proper planning to ensure the job is successful. When a laundry renovation project is planned properly then the process is often more time and cost-effective. Including new storage spaces, increasing the bench space to installing new appliances, laundry room renovations include multiple different tasks. Optimised Plumbing Services offers trusted Emergency Plumber workers to carry out the best laundry renovations in Sydney. 

Most laundry renovations cost from $5,000 to $25,000 due to the cost of labour, appliances, plumbing and materials. The important considerations for a laundry renovation are:

  • Planning the layout of the laundry and overall renovation process
  • Ensure the ventilation system is included
  • Plan where and what cabinets and shelves will be installed
  • Plan where the benchtops and workspace will be located
  • Know what appliances will be included and if plumbing needs to be installed, relocated or removed
  • Install the correct laundry flooring and waterproofing

How Much Does a Laundry Renovation Cost?

It is important to know that on average laundry renovations cost from $5,000 to $25,000. The budget for the rebuild needs to include labour costs, the different appliances installed, materials needed and any plumbing work. Below is a guide on the different costs within a laundry renovation:

 Average Costs
  • Plumber – $100 – $150 per hour
  • Carpenter – $40 – $80 per hour
  • Painter – $15 – $30 per square metre
  • Tiler – $45 – $150 per square metre
  • Washing Machine – $300 – $1,500
  • Dryer – $500 – $2,000
  • Washing Machine and Dryer Combined – $500 – $2,000
  • Exhaust or Ventilation Fan – $30 – $150
  • Cabinetry – $300 – $2,000
  • Benchtop – $120 – $2,200
  • Flooring – $35 – $100
  • Basin – $100 – $1,100
  • Tapware – $50 – $500

Our affordable and fully qualified plumbers are here to help with laundry renovations – call us on 02 8074 1475 for a quote on the project! 


What is Important to Consider in a Laundry Renovation?

A laundry space has many different uses so the laundry design needs to be correct. To ensure the laundry renovation is successful the following needs to be considered:


Planning and Layout

Knowing how the laundry will be used, how it looks and how the overall renovation process will follow is needed. Understanding where appliances and objects are located, such as side by side or wall mounted, should be considered. Knowing the budget, who works on the renovation and how long the process will take is needed. Creating time and cost plans alongside blueprints and checklists are ways to effectively ensure the renovation is completed properly. 

For advice on how to choose a good plumber, we recommend reading our blog for more details. 



Within laundry spaces having proper ventilation is important especially with the use of washing machines, driers, irons and sinks. Ventilation systems will help keep the moisture levels low inside the laundry. Windows and doors are great ways to have the laundry ventilated. Installing mechanical ventilation is great alongside using windows or if they are not available, such as in a small laundry. 


Cabinetry and Shelves

Adding cabinets and shelves into the laundry is extremely useful and helpful. Items and appliances used inside the laundry can be neatly stored and remove the hassle of clutter. The style of the cabinetry will also help with creating a certain aesthetic inside the laundry. 

Moisture resistance cabinetry will be needed to ensure the moisture will not ruin them. Sometimes the cabinetry can include stainless steel racks for additional clotheslines or an in-built ironing board. 


Benchtops and Workspaces

If there is room for benchtops in the laundry then knowing what material to use and where it will be installed is important. Ironing, folding and storing are the main activities that will be performed on the workspace. This is why choosing a benchtop material that fits with the laundry’s aesthetic and is strong and reliable is needed. 


Appliances and Plumbing

The plumbing of the laundry is extremely important especially when appliances are being relocated or added. All the plumbing will need to meet the standards of the Plumbing Code Australia and be installed by a licensed plumber. Knowing where the laundry sink, washing machine and other plumbing fixtures will need to be planned out. Hiding the plumbing and ensuring the correct lines are installed are other considerations with laundry renovations.


Laundry Flooring and Waterproofing

There are specific standards with waterproofing wet areas, such as laundries, that need to be followed. All of the floor and the walls near the sink and floor will need to be correctly waterproofed by a licensed plumber. 

The flooring will also need to be correct to ensure water damage does not occur. It needs to be slip-resistant, durable, water-resistant and a material that is easy to clean. Hardwood or laminate flooring is strongly not recommended but installing tiles is more cost-effective and overall suitable. 


Professional Plumbers and Laundry Renovations

Optimised Plumbing Services has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing trade and will help people during their laundry renovations. Our team will work with the plumbing aspect of the renovation and ensure the whole process is successfully completed. Each plumber will arrive on time, operate safely and install, relocate or remove plumbing in any laundry space. 

Our affordable and certified plumbers will work across all of Sydney, including the North Shore and Greater Western Sydney. We also offer reliable Blocked Drain services where we will deal with any laundry blockage or other clogged plumbing system correctly. 

When needing trusted plumbing help during laundry renovations – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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