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Moving A Water Meter – Everything You Need To Know!

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A water meter relocation is a type of water meter servicing which people might need to complete at times. The process involves moving the water meter to a new location. This is needed when the meter is likely to be damaged or it is in the way of new construction. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our experienced plumbers will easily relocate the current meter using our experience and skill. 

The water meter can be moved to a new location through a water meter relocation job. A qualified plumber will relocate the meter to a new spot once having approval from Sydney Water. There are certain rules to where it can be relocated and a licensed plumber should always complete the task.

Rules with Water Meter Relocations

When the water meter will be relocated there are rules in place which must be followed, including:

  • A water meter has the be installed within one metre of the property’s boundary. Specifically, it has to be installed inside the front of the property.
  • The water meter cannot be lowered or raised off the ground floor by one metre.
  • All plumbing work which is involved in the process within the property must be handled by a professional plumber. This includes the distance of the water main from the water meter.
  • When meters are being relocated less than 1.5 metres from their original place new plumbing lines are not needed
  • If the water meters is going to be moved beyond 1.5 metres then a new connection to the main is needed. The existing one will be disconnected and a qualified plumber will need to carry out the task. 
  • All water meters must be installed with the rules and regulations of Sydney Water.
  • When working underground the area needs to be excavated before the meter is relocated. 
  • It is strongly encouraged that a water meter is not relocated behind gates, doors or inside the building.

There are many factors involved in the relocation job as the water meter is extremely important. It is a system where Sydney Water can read how much water a property has used. It provides accurate readings which allow for an accurate charge. With the system being relocated unsuccessfully or faulty then incorrect readings may occur.

How to Prepare the for Water Meter Service

If the need to have the current meter relocated there are a few steps to take before the actual process. The main concern is that if the meter is to be moved more than 3 metres of the original location. Sydney Water needs to be contacted so they can supply a new water tap in connection. Also, the old water service will need to be disconnected. 

Sydney Water will need to be given the following information before the service occurs:

  • The property’s location or address
  • A detailed diagram or drawing with the new position of the meter
  • The main reasons why the water meter is going to be relocated
  • An account number if there is one
  • A detailed description or plan of how Sydney Water can access the water main


Organise a Licensed Plumber

Sydney Water can install smaller models of water meters, however, a licensed plumber is often needed. The qualified plumber is experienced with working on water meters and will be able to relocate any one. Sydney Water, on the other hand, will only perform relocations where the meter is 20mm and rarely up to 50mm. Licensed plumbers can relocate and install the smaller ones and meters which go up to 300mm. 

Privately Owned Water Meters

Property owners are responsible for contacting a plumber to perform the task. Property owners also have many responsibilities when owning a private water meter. This might be as they have different occupants living in the property. Knowing the different water usages is needed to ensure that charges are given out fairly. Sydney Water will not read the meter or work on it so the property owner needs to perform these actions. 

We recommend reading our blog on ‘how to fix water meter problems’ to see how to repair issues related to this system. 

Water Meter Relocation Process


Professional Water Meter Service

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our water meter relocation service is here for all of Sydney. Our team can work on all types of meters in all properties. We understand the most effective ways when relocating water meters. This is to ensure we complete the job successfully and safely.

Our Emergency Plumber team can perform all kinds of water meter services, such as repair your water meter. Also, we are specialists with Blocked Drain concerns and will always perfectly unclog any drain. 

Working across all of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs, we are the best for water meter services. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or at for professional water meter relocation services!

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