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Plumbing & Installing Water Features

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Plumbing water features are a great way to add interest to the outside of the home. Water fountains and ponds are the more common plumbing water features that are used in homes to decorate the space. When it comes to installing the water feature itself, other parts include water pumps, hoses and pipes. Optimised Plumbing Services is here with trusted Emergency Plumber workers to install any type of plumbing water feature for Sydney. 

Plumbing water features can cost from $20 to $2000+ depending on the type, size and material of the feature. When these features need moving water then water pumps and pipes will be needed, often costing $220 to $1550. Hoses and additional accessories will add to the cost while a licensed plumber will install the plumbing water feature.

A garden plumber will be needed to perform installations and repairs with garden plumbing. This includes work with water lines and irrigation systems, as well as any water features. Garden plumbers will have plumbing solutions for a range of plumbing problems, know how to carry out plumbing maintenance and install these systems professionally.

What is the Process of Installing Plumbing Water Features?

There are many different steps when it comes to the installation process of plumbing water features. Whether it be a part of plumbing renovations, a new build or to add interest with the back or front of the home, plumbing water features include the following considerations and steps:

Choosing the Water Feature

There are many different types of plumbing water features in the market, the main types being ponds and water fountains. Ponds can be small or large in size and have the option of holding plants and animals. Water fountains come in many different designs and sizes while are often installed as an addition to the pool or a separate aesthetic feature indoors or outdoors. Deciding on the type of water feature, the size and overall aesthetic are important for it to add to the home.

Choosing the Water Pipe

For water features that need moving water the pipes are needed to be considered as they transport the water to, from and around the feature. PVC pipes are the most commonly used for the features due to being durable, affordable and safe. Rigid PVC pipes will often be used for larger ponds while flexible PVC pipes are favoured for smaller ponds. 

Determining Size of Water Pump

The water pump is used to power and move water around the water feature. The right size needs to be considered so the water can flow without interruptions. To select the best water pump the volume of the pond and the rate of flow should be considered. In general, smaller water pumps will not properly power larger fountains and ponds and larger pumps’ power will be wasted on smaller features.

Choosing a Water Filter

Water filters are important so the water can be filtered in the pond and fountain. It is mainly used for ponds to ensure the water’s health does not become poor and it stays fresh. When there are fish and plants within the pond then it is vital a working filter is present so they do not die from poor water health. 

General Plumbing Water Feature Installation Process

Unless the water feature is small and can be installed by following simple steps, most times plumbing water features should be installed by a certified plumber, the general process follows:

  1. Digging the hole is first for the water feature to be installed
  2. A liner will be installed underneath where the feature is being installed to hold water
  3. The pump and all needed pipework is installed and connected 
  4. The feature, such as the fountain or waterfall, is installed and the connections are attached
  5. Tests will be performed to ensure the water flows properly and there will be no leaks or other plumbing issues

How Much Do Plumbing Water Features Cost?

With plumbing water features costs the main considerations are the actual feature, the water pump and hoses and also the labour costs.

Water Feature Material Prices


Average Costs

Resin or Plastic

$100 – $400

Stone or Rock

$200 – $1,200+


$300 – $3,000+


$100 – $1,600+


$300 – $4,000+

Water Feature Type Prices


Average Costs

Small birdbath

$20 – $300

Three-tiered water feature

$100 – $1000+

Solar powered four-tier water feature 


Small stainless steel water feature


Waterfall spillway

$200 – $260+

Higher range fountain


Water Pumps and Hoses

Water Pump

Average Costs



Inexpensive and solar powered


Better quality pump

$450 – $650

Better quality submersible pump

$700 – $900

High flow transfer and higher range pump

$1100 – $1500+

Labour Costs

On top of the costs of the materials, the plumber will add in labour costs, on average being $45 to $65 per hour. The difficulty of the installation, how long is spent on the task and the location will influence the final plumbing water feature cost. 

Professional Plumbing Water Features Service

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our plumbers will work with a wide range of water features for Sydney locals. Each fully qualified plumber will ensure that the plumbing water features are installed correctly and safely. 

Our team will install, and also repair and perform maintenance work, on water features across all of Sydney, including Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. As professional Blocked Drain plumbers, we are here at any time of the day to also clear blockages within any plumbing system.

For trusted plumbing water feature services – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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