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My Toilet Button Isn’t Flushing – What Can I Do?

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If the toilet button isn’t flushing then there are many reasons why this is occurring. Fixing the toilet so it can flush properly again is often easy to resolve as well. Most times the reason the toilet does not flush is from the flushing button, a clogged toilet and other issues. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain plumbers will help resolve any broken or blocked toilet. 

When the toilet button isn’t flushing the steps to follow are:

  • Check the toilet flush button and if the toilet flushes with it being pressed
  • Open the cistern to see if water is present
  • Inspect the water shut-off valve to ensure it is opened completely 
  • Ensure to not constantly press the button to prevent water issues or backflow
  • Attempt to unclog the toilet if the water level will not go down
  • Contact a professional plumber to resolve the toilet issue

What to do When the Toilet Button Isn’t Flushing?

When going to flush the toilet and it will not work properly then there are a few issues which could be causing this problem. The steps below will help guide on thwart to do when the toilet button isn’t flushing properly:

1. Toilet Flush Button

Checking the toilet button first is a key step in finding what the issue is with the toilet not flushing. When the button is pressed and either there is no water the flows, no sound occurs and the button does nothing then the button mechanism may be broken. The fill valve or the flush valve will most likely be the problem and often a plumber will need to be contacted to resolve the button issue.

2. Cistern

Remove the toilet tank cover to look inside the top of the toilet and the cistern. There should be water present in the cistern but if there is none then this mechanism is damaged. Look for the reasons why the cistern system might be broken, such as parts broken off or if sections do not work when the flush button is pressed. A plumber will be able to quickly identify the concern and ensure the cistern mechanism is functioning correctly.

3. Water Shut-Off Valve

The valve which controls how much water enters the toilet might be the reason the toilet button isn’t flushing correctly. To find the water shut-off valve is often located where the solver plumbing line meets the wall or floor. The water shut-off valve might have been bumped and caused it to not completely provide enough water to the toilet. 

Turn the valve all the way to the left to ensure it is locked in the open position. Allow a few minutes for the toilet to be full of enough water then test by pressing the flush button. If the toilet flushes correctly then it was because the valve was not letting enough water in.

4. Avoid Water Damage

It is important to not force too many flushes if the toilet button isn’t flushing correctly. This is to limit the chance of the toilet breaking, the button being damaged and other negative outcomes. If the toilet does not flush it is mainly important to not continuously press the button to ensure the toilet does not backflow

Water can leak out of the toilet and potentially any waste that was flushed down the drainage system. Switching off the water supply when finding the problem with the toilet not flushing correctly might be useful.

5. Blocked Toilet

A common reason why the toilet does not flush correctly is due to it being blocked. A clogged toilet drain will result in the toilet not being able to flush properly and can lead to items flowing back up. There are many easy ways to unclog a toilet drain blockage, some of the methods are:

  • Plunger – using a plunger can help draw up toilet paper blockages and help to ease the water flow in the toilet.
  • Baking soda and vinegar – when the plunger does not work the blockage may be further down the toilet drain then stuck where the toilet bowl is.
  • Hot water and dish soap – similar to baking soda and vinegar, using boiling water and soap can help clean the toilet blockage or ease it up before other methods are applied.
  • Plumber’s drain snake – this tool can be applied to grab deep blockages inside the toilet drain.

For more details on what to do with a blocked toilet, our blog offers more information and steps of the process.

6. Contact Professional Plumbers

If the toilet is too damaged, still will not flush or the problem is too hard to complete without professional help then contacting a plumber is a good step. A licensed plumber will understand what to look for if the toilet button isn’t flushing as it should. The plumber will then utilise proper tools and techniques to have the toilet repaired and flush correctly again. 

They might also suggest a new toilet should be installed if the current one is either more expensive to repair or is too old to fix. To know how to choose a good plumber our blog offers details on what to look for when hiring a professional plumber. 

Reliable Blocked Drain Plumbers For Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services has over 20 years of experience working with blocked drains in Sydney, including blocked toilets. Our plumbers are also experts at resolving problems with the toilet, including when the toilet button isn’t flushing. We will resolve the issue efficiently while operating safely at all times on the toilet. Our team can operate on any toilet type, work with any drainage system and ensure the task is completed on time. 

We offer our toilet and blocked drain services to all of Sydney, including Inner West, Northern Beaches and North Shore. We also offer Emergency Plumber services for us to help with any plumbing issue at any time, such as resolving tree root plumbing issues or sewer line repairs. 

For trusted blocked drain toilet services in Sydney – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services at all times! 

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