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Water Filters – Everything You Need To Know!

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Having water filters within residential and commercial will help have safe water drinkable. The water filter systems will keep the water clear and clean while also saving money and the environment. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team is here to install water filters at any time. 

Drinking water which has gone through water filters means that chloride and other harmful chemicals have been removed. The environment and people benefit from water filtration systems because fewer purchases of plastic bottles happen, saving money and waste. There are different water treatment and filtration systems, such as activated carbon, reverse osmosis, alkaline and distillation filters.

Different Water Filter Options

There are multiple different water filtration systems which people can install into their home and workspaces. They all filter the water but the process of creating pure water is different. The following are the most common water filtration systems which people can choose from:

  • Activated Carbon Filters – this type of water filter system uses a bed of activated carbon which will remove the contaminants. The removal of these impurities within the water occurs through chemical absorption and filtration. 
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters – a semipermeable membrane is used to filter the water. It flushes out all the small contaminants to clean the water. 
  • Alkaline Filters – this method to clean water is a more natural method and remineralises and alkalises the water.
  • Distillation Filters – heat is used as the main source to filter the water. Vaporising the water occurs by using heat which will purify the water.
  • Deionisation Filters – using science, these filters will exchange the positive hydrogen and the negative hydroxyl. These will trade for negative and positive contaminant water molecules to help purify the water.
  • Ion Exchange Filters – the heavy metal ions are removed through softening the water, purifying it.   
  • Mechanical Filters – the sediment, dirt and all other debris and particles are removed through this filter. It will physically remove these through a ceramic screen or a basic mesh.
  • Ozone Filters – to purify the water these will disinfect through removing chlorine, bacteria, iron and odours.

What are the best Water Filters?

The best way to filter water is through the reverse osmosis systems or the alkaline filters. Each has its own benefits which are the most effective at removing the contaminants from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

These systems operate by flowing water through a semipermeable membrane. These will filter the water while also removing all the contaminants and dirt from the water. These systems are the best for residential places while offering high quality filtration water solutions. In hospitality places, these systems are one of the highest quality in terms of removing contaminants from water. 

The reverse osmosis filter might be used alongside other filtration solutions. This is often with the activated carbon filter as working together they will ensure the water is almost completely clean. The filtration water filter cartridges can be easily installed under the sink if there is a holding tray. 

The downside of this undersink water filter is that it might not remove solvents and metals, such as radon or chloride. Having other systems installed alongside this one will help resolve the small issue with reverse osmosis filter systems. These systems are reliable while providing filtered water and can be installed in a variety of locations. 

Alkaline Water Filtration Systems

These water filters are a natural way to clear water of contaminants due to using alkaline water. This water will help keep the pH levels of the body neutral while tasting clean. Alkaline water is already naturally higher in its pH levels and can help with improving the health of individuals.

With the mineral hydrates in the water, it is often sweeter in its taste. Additionally, the water is full of electrolytes which are healthy while assisting with hydration levels. It is also best suited for residential properties and can be easily added to existing water filtration or supply systems. 

Benefits of Water Filtration

There are many benefits which come with installing a water filtration system within a home.

  • Healthier Water – filtering systems remove all the contaminants and chemicals, such as chloride. The tap water is safe to drink but filtered water is much safer and more likely to be beneficial to a person’s health. 
  • Better Taste – the water will taste different depending on the plumbing but filtered water will taste better. Often people enjoy the taste of water which is cleaner and has been filtered of unwanted substances. 
  • Save Money and the Environment – with plastic bottle water being bought less frequently this can save money and the environment. There will be less plastic bottles in landfill while people will save from always purchasing new bottles.

Professional Water Filter Installers

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help all of Sydney with installing water filter systems. We can easily work on all types of filters and have them installed into any space. Each fully qualified plumber is guaranteed to have the system installed fast while using professional techniques. Our services with water filters are here to ensure every person can have a reliable filtration system. 

Our water filter services where our emergency plumbers can work 24/7 is here for all of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches and South Sydney. We also recommend reading our blog ‘how to unclog your showerhead’ to know the best ways to complete the job. Our Blocked Drain team is here to help for more complicated blockage issues in drainage systems. 

For reliable plumbing services with water filters – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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