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Water Leaking Through Walls – How To Fix

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A water leak which comes through a wall might need simple fixes to an emergency plumber to control the situation. There are many ways to fix the problem of water leaking through walls and can be quite simple. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we promise that when needing help with water leaking through walls we should be contacted. We will provide an Emergency Plumber to control the issue and give advice on how to stop the water leak.   To fix a water leak going through a wall, first, detect the location where the water is coming from. Using plumbing plans or if it is clearly visible where the leak is, cut a hole in the wall. With the pipe visible, repair the leaking pipe either by coding temporary repairs and calling a professional emergency plumber. Cleaning the walls and any mould is important, as well as having the hole in the wall properly patched up.

Identifying the Leak

A water leak can occur often from small failures to exterior issues which cause the water to leak. Due to water naturally travelling down, often the water leak influences the walls within a building. There are many signs which will determine if a water leak problem is occurring:

  • Masonry is damp
  • The wall is discoloured or wet
  • Old or mildew has formed on the walls
  • New smells, often musty, begin to develop
  • A water-stained trim has emerged
  • Puddles close to walls or from the ceiling

Likewise, there are other methods outside of obvious signs to identify if there is a leak behind the walls:

  • Using a moisture meter to see if the moisture levels of the building are not within normal levels
  • Utilising an infrared camera if possible can help see if there are leaks behind the wall

If the basic gatherings that water leakage issues have formed knowing where the leakage is located is important.


Indoor Plumbing Systems

Determining if the leak is happening within the building, such as defective plumbing, there is a simple procedure to take. Firstly, turning off the water completely is important and then check the reading on the water meter. After at least three hours have passed check the meter to see what the reading is. If the chance that the number has risen then a leak is most likely causing this. 


Outdoor Plumbing Systemes – Above

After performing the test with the water meter and if the number or reading on the water meter has not changed, then exterior plumbing may be the issue. Inspecting gutters and downspouts if they are clogged, poor caulking or the flashing on vents, windows and alike can help. These may be causing the water to either be blocked or exposed to travel another path, such as cracks. 


Outdoor Plumbing Systemes – Below

If the water is leaking from wales on lower levels then the exterior below-grade might have problems. Such as broken sprinkler pipes, downspout drainage which is weak or a french drain sloping down can cause these issues.


Repairing the Leak

When knowing where the water leak is certain steps should be taken to resolve the water leaking from the walls. 


Indoor Plumbing Systems

If the leak is from an indoor plumbing system then solving the solution is more complicated and might need professionals. This is due to walls needing to be cut out and determining where the exact place of the leak is. Repairing or replacing the pipe is more complicated and a qualified plumber will need to do the job. Plaster, brick and other complications will also increase the need for a professional to help stop water leaking behind walls. 


Outdoor Plumbing Systemes – Above

With clogged gutters and downspouts all debris should be cleared at least once or twice a year from the area. Even if gutter guards are installed, inspecting the systems so water can flow freely is important. Additionally, caulking may be causing the water leaking into the walls, first start by scrapping off any old caulking. 

If there needs to be, apply new butyl-rubber caulk carefully with a caulk gun, applying it at a 45-degree angle. Also, flashing may be broken and not function properly causing water to seep through roofs, chimneys, vents and other areas. 


Outdoor Plumbing Systemes – Below

Water leaks caused by the sprinkler systems may include using compression couplings to repair it. This type of repair is the most basic but often a professional plumber will be needed to repair pipes. Downspouts might need to be adjusted or extensions added if they are causing the problem. 


Preventing Water Leaking Through Walls

To prevent a water leakage issue related to the wall there are some ways and methods to take:

  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts at least once or twice a year, including removing all debris such as leaves and sticks
  • Inspect the exterior caulking often and replace it when needed
  • Once a year blow out the sprinkler system which helps remove any excess water building up
  • When roof shingles or flashing have been broken replace them as soon as possible
  • Be on top of drainage patterns of the building
  • Where pipes which are more likely to become cold ensure that there is enough insulation so they do not freeze
  • Make sure that the water pressure is between 40-60 PSI 

Assistance with Leaking Water

Optimised Plumbing Services has been helping Sydney with water leaks, especially within walls, for over 20 years. Our team are professional plumbers who are experienced with working on resolving water leaks and can complete the task effectively. Our plumbers will stop a water leak in all parts of Sydney, including the Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches and Hills District

If experiencing water leaks through the ceiling, read our blog on ‘roof leaks’ to see how to resolve the problem. Also, if curious to know who is legally responsible for resolving the wall water leak,  Fair Trading NSW provides advice. Additionally, we are specialists when it comes to Blocked Drain concerns and can be called to help with these issues. 

For expert plumbers to help with water leaks through the wall – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at

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