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What Plumbing Work Can I Do Myself?

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There is certain plumbing work that can be done by untrained plumbers. Most of these jobs are small jobs due to plumbing being complicated and risky for the non-plumber. In most cases, it is best to leave plumbing work to professional plumbers for legal and safety reasons. Here at Optimised Plumbing Servicesour Emergency Plumber team are here to carry out a wide range of plumbing jobs 24 hours a day. 

Plumbing work that can be legally done by the average person includes:

  • Replacing a tap washer or jumper valve
  • Changing and cleaning the showerhead
  • Replacing a float valve washer, drop valve washer or suction cup rubber in a water closet cistern
  • Maintaining or installing lawn or irrigation water systems from backflow prevention devices, taps or isolating valves
  • Cleaning ground level grates and drains
  • Replacing the caps of ground level inspection openings
  • Maintaining irrigation systems that dispose of sewage
  • Performing basic blocked drain removal techniques
  • Performing basic drain cleaning techniques

What Plumbing Work Can I Do?

There is limited plumbing work that non-plumbers can perform around their home. Plumbing work is complicated so the small tasks any person can perform are not dangerous and are simple to perform. The main plumbing work that non-plumbers can carry out legally are:

  • Simple blocked drain cleaning – a Blocked Drain can be as simple as a small build up of food in a sink to major blockages with tree roots. When there is a blockage, such as in a toilet or sink, then any person can try to clear it. Some tools include a plunger, chemical cleaners, natural methods to simple tools from the local hardware store. 
  • Showerhead – working on a clogged shower head or replacing one can be carried out by any person. 
  • Tap washer – a tap washer is used to stop leaking taps but when one is broken then it needs replacing, any person can do this.
  • Certain plumbing parts – there are certain plumbing parts that can be installed by any person, including the drop valve washer, float valve washer or the suction cup rubber.


What Plumbing Work Can I Not Do?

There are many more plumbing jobs that an untrained plumber cannot do over what they can do. This is because working with plumbing requires skills and training to make sure everything is done correctly. When an untrained plumber performs these tasks below there is a greater risk that pipes can break, water can burst, costly repairs in the future will be needed and more. The main plumbing tasks people often want to do themselves but cannot legally do so are:

  • Professional blocked drain clearing – any person can attempt to clear a blockage inside of drainage systems. When it comes to more serious blockages or when simple methods do not work, then a plumber should be called in. The plumber will resolve the clogged plumbing problem using hydro jetting techniques, an auger or a similar device.
  • Water supply systems – any water supply system that needs to be installed or repaired needs a plumber to work on them. This includes removing, adding and reconnecting the water supply system throughout the house as well. 
  • Gas fitting – any appliances or systems that need gas needs can only have a plumber work on them. If a non-plumber performs work on gas fitting systems then there is a high chance that errors occur and gas will leak
  • Burst pipe repairs – placing temporary plumbing tape over the burst pipe can occur by anyone but it will not resolve the problem. A plumber will need to be contacted to make certain the pipe stops bursting and will not in the future. 
  • Hot water systems – working on hot water systems, such as repair or installations, should only be done by fully licensed plumbers. This includes gas, solar and electric systems as the plumbing involved is complicated. 
  • Water leaks – if there is a water leak, similar to burst pipes, a plumber should be contacted to resolve the problem probably. Temporary fixes do not resolve the issue therefore a plumber will need to perform the needed repairs to stop the leak. 

Even though plumbing appliances, such as washing machines and water filtration systems, do not legally need a plumber to install them, it is highly recommended that a plumber is still contacted. There are many plumbing components involved in the plumbing appliance installation process so an untrained person might easily mess some steps up. When this happens potential expensive repairs might occur and it is safer to trust a plumber instead. 


Licensed Plumbers Performing Professional Plumbing Work

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with fully qualified plumbers to perform any kind of plumbing work at any time of the day or night. Our 24 hour plumbing service has us carry out plumbing work safely and ensure the job is performed correctly. No matter the task our emergency plumbers will do a great job at completing the task in time and efficiently.

Our plumbing work and emergency plumbing services are here for all Sydney locals, including South Sydney and the Northern Beaches.

For emergency plumbers in Sydney to perform plumbing work at any time of the day – contact Optimised Plumbing Services!

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