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Why Does My Toilet Keep Flushing?

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When the toilet keeps flushing then there are many different reasons why the issue is occurring. From a Blocked Drain to problems with the toilet flapper, if the toilet keeps flushing then there is a problem that needs addressing. Some of these problems and plumbing jobs can be fixed easily while some might need a professional plumber’s help. Optimised Plumbing Services is here with our Emergency Plumber team to perform toilet repairs, including fixing flushing issues. 

The main reasons what the toilet keeps flushing are:

  • The toilet flapper or valve seal needs cleaning or replacing
  • If there is a pull chain then this may be caught on the flapper
  • The toilet tank float ball and float arm may be damaged
  • The level of water in the tank is incorrect
  • Blockages causing the running toilet problem

What are the Reasons that the Toilet Keeps Flushing?

There are many different components, parts and systems of the toilet and at times these can experience plumbing issues. This means that finding the reason why the toilet keeps flushing means inspecting each system is needed. Finding the exact problem helps with repairing the issue more effectively and stops the toilet from flushing constantly. Below are the common reasons why the toilet keeps flushing:

Toilet Flapper and Valve Seal

When the toilet keeps flushing the most common reasons are where the toilet flapper or valve seal are broken. The flush valve seal is what holds the water inside the tank and prevents it from exiting after the toilet has been flushed. When the valve seal does not work then the water that is inside the tank will flow into the toilet bowl. 

Lift up the tank lid and inspect if the flapper has any visible damages or cracks. If there are no visible signs of damage but it is suspected this part is causing the issue there is a test that can be performed. Pour some food colouring into the tank and if this water enters the toilet bowl then the flapper is the issue. Most times replacing the flapper or cleaning it of any dirt are the best ways to fix this issue. 

Flapper Replacement

When the flapper needs to be replaced as it is causing the water to leak into the bowl then purchasing one from hardware stores is needed. Measure the existing one to ensure the right sized flapper is being installed. To replace the flapper, turn off the water supply, unhook it from the chain, open the tegs which attach to the overflow tube and clip in the new flapper. Make sure the seal is firm and turn back on the water to see if the new flapper works perfectly.

Pull Chain

Sometimes the pull chain can cause water to flow into the toilet bowl. This can be due to it being too long, being caught on the flapper or it is not sealed properly. If the chain is too short then the flapper will not be able to close properly as well. Ensure the length of the pull chain is correct and adjust the length if needed.

Float Ball and Arm

The float ball and float arm are the parts that adjust how much water is inside the toilet. The constant flushing may be due to these parts not working properly. The mechanism may have been broken or the ball may be stuck in the side of the tank causing the ball to not rise correctly. Moving the arm to pull the ball up from the side of the tank can help resolve this problem. A crack in the ball may be the other issue which often results in it needing to be replaced. 

Water Level

The problem may be due to the water level being incorrect and often too high. When the water level is too high this will lead to water flowing into the overflow tube leading it to go into the toilet bowl. Adjusting the ball float can help with fixing the water level. If the ball cannot be adjusted by hand then unscrewing and loosening the arm can help. The running toilet problem should be resolved as the water level is properly adjusted.


One of the main contributors of when the toilet keeps flushing is that there is a blockage with the toilet. A blocked toilet can lead to an overflow situation to occur which can cause damages to the plumbing. To know the best ways to deal with a blocked toilet our blog is here to help. 

Experienced Emergency Plumbers for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services and our fully qualified Emergency Plumber team are here to perform any toilet repair. From problems when the toilet keeps flushing to the toilet button not working, we are here at all times to resolve toilet concerns. Each local plumber does a great job at finding the issue then using the best technique to stop the toilet problem from happening. We always arrive on time no matter the time of day and can work on any toilet type. 

We offer all of our toilet plumbing services for Sydney, inducing North Shore, Northern Beaches and Greater Western Sydney. For quality and professional toilet plumbing services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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